Is Claptrap a Fragtrap?

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This buggy, questionably legal software Claptrap is renamed “FR4G-TP” or “Fragtrap” and added to a group of vault hunters hired by Jack – Athena, Nisha and Wilhelm – to help him find a hidden vault on Elpis, the moon of Pandora.

What kind of robot is Claptrap?

Claptrap is a fictional character appearing in the Borderlands video game series by Gearbox Software. Claptrap is a CL4P-TP general purpose robot manufactured by Hyperion and programmed with an overzealous personality.

Is Claptrap a vault hunter?

Claptrap, Athena, and Timothy Lawrence are the only exterminators from Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel currently alive.

Is Claptrap a good TPS?

To be fair, Claptrap isn’t nearly as strong as other character classes that we mentioned in our class breakdown. In fact, the game asks if you’re sure you want to play as Claptrap just because he’s the weakest character overall. However, he is not entirely worthless as he is capable of activating a VaultHunter.

What is Fragtrap?

“FragTrap” is the class the original Claptrap is classed as, as is Roland the “Soldier”, Brick the “Slayer”, Maya and Lilith the “Sirens” who are Zero the “assassin” and so on. Fragtrap is the Claptrap we know and love from both Borderlands games. 9.

Is Claptrap in Tiny Tina’s wonderlands?

Claptrap (or CL4P-TP) is everyone’s favorite annoying robot from the Borderlands series, and they’re now a part of Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands. Claptrap is a lovable character with high ambitions, often embellishing his own abilities despite being grossly inept.

How tall is Claptrap in game?

Roland is 5’11”, and I would estimate that Claptrap is about half his height. So 3 feet sounds like as good a starting point as any! Good luck to you and upload it some pics when its done please! oh thanks for the reply!

Why did Handsome Jack wear a mask?

As Jack grasped the object, he saw visions of The Warrior, the vault it was sealed in, and the Eridium buried all over the planet. Lilith then appeared and destroyed the object, causing a blast of energy that destroyed Jack’s left eye and branded his face with the Vault symbol.

What happened to Athena Borderlands?

Athena was eventually captured by Brick and Mordecai and taken to Sanctuary. Lilith questions her about her involvement in opening The Vault of the Sentinel and Handsome Jack’s rise to power. After she finishes her story, Lilith orders her men to kill her.

What does cl4p TP stand for?

It’s just Leetspeak for “Claptrap“.

Does Claptrap need oxygen?

Claptrap doesn’t need oxygen, so he can use his 0z a lot more than others without fear of choking. He takes a deep breath before going out into space, imitating the other Vault Hunters.

Can Claptrap climb stairs?

The Borderlands community has been in a (mostly joking) meltdown since discovering that Claptrap is now fully capable of rolling up stairs, as per the images and videos captured on Reddit show.

Who does claptrap’s voice?

David Eddings, the voice actor for Claptrap in the first two Borderlands games and The Pre-Sequel, was replaced by Jim Foronda for Borderlands 3 after a salary dispute and argument ( opens in new tab) with Gearbox boss Randy Pitchford.

How do you get the celestial Lawbringer?

The Celestial Lawbringer is a legendary class mod for the Lawbringer, crafted by Jakobs. It gives randomly from any suitable loot source, but has an increased chance of dropping from The Empyrean Sentinel.



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