Is Christina and Isaiah Still Together?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 17, 2022

Christinna has kept a low profile since leaving the reality TV show, but some fragments of her life are still public. Unfortunately, or fortunately for those that did not love the drama between Christinna and Isaiah, the two are no longer together.

Are Christina and Isaiah from 16 and Pregnant still together?

Apparently Christinna and Isiah ultimately divorced. Somebody on Reddit says that Isiah had another child, and Christinna got engaged to somebody else and also had a second child. Apparently Isiah’s grandmother wanted to sue MTV over their editing.

Is Isaiah Destiny’s father?

16 And Pregnant fans watched in horror last week as Christinna Renee Robinson was pressured by the grandmother of her baby’s daddy, Isiah, to take a DNA test and prove that he is indeed the father of Christinna’s daughter, Destiny.

Where are the 16 and pregnant moms now?

On “16 & Pregnant,” viewers watched Houska’s toxic relationship with her child’s father, Adam Lind. She and Adam have since split. In 2016, she married Cole DeBoer, and they have two children together — a son named Watson, who was born in 2017, and a daughter named Layne, who was born in August 2018.

What happened to markai from 16 and pregnant?

On September 5, 2015, Markai married Christopher Anderson, but they have since separated. In 2018, it was revealed that she is expecting her second child. She resides in Florida where she works as a dental assistant.

Are Amber and Ste Together 2021?

The ‘Teen Mom UK’ stars are no longer dating

Ste fell in love with their family and wanted to begin dating again, but she preferred they remain co-parents. Their relationship improved, and he tried to help Amber when she fell ill after Hudson’s birth. However, she didn’t want assistance from him or her mother.

Is Tyler and Cate still together 2021?

Catelynn Lowell & Tyler Baltierra

After 13 years together, the fan-favorite couple wed in August 2015 and have since had more children together. In August 2021, the couple announced the arrival of another baby girl.

Is Kayla and JR still together?

Kayla and J.R. did not get married. She has had three more sons, and she is apparently married to the father of her third son.

Are Aubrey and Brandon still together?

So, Aubrey and Brandon are no longer together. I remember from an MTV ‘Catch Up’ special that Aubrey got super into the party lifestyle, and Brandon was taking care of Austin. Aubrey did end up getting her GED, but she was arrested with shoplifting and drug possession. She now has three children.

Where is Brooke from 16 and Pregnant now?

On December 18, 2012, Brooke gave birth to her second child, daughter Ryley Jean Tarrant. She and Cody divorced in 2015. As of 2017, she is dating a man named Phil Wallace (who has a daughter from a previous relationship).

Are Kailyn and Vee still friends?

Though she believes she’s made personal growth and doesn’t “react the same way” she used to with difficult situations, Lowry feels he still treats her “like I’m the Kail from years ago.” She added that it’s “hard” to keep a friendship with his wife Vee, with whom she records the podcast Baby Mamas No Drama, but they’re

Are Jordan and Tyler still together?

Jordan Howard and Tyler Zeplin, who starred on the fourth season of the MTV reality show, have announced that they have separated after eight months of marriage. The couple, who are parents to son Chase (whom Jordan gave birth to on ’16 and Pregnant’) and daughter Skylar, had been together since 2008.

Are Chloe and Jordan still together?

Chloe and Jordan briefly broke up after she discovered him cheating. The original cast member and her boyfriend Jordan Edwards debuted on Teen Mom UK in 2016, shortly after welcoming their first child, Marley.

Are Samantha and Eric still together?

Three years later, they’re still together, and in this follow-up special, Samantha reveals that despite their strong relationship and steady jobs, she and Eric still struggle as young parents and have many regrets.

What happened to Maddy and Cody from 16 and Pregnant?

She and her boyfriend Cody Tarrant met at a race track and two years later she got pregnant. Her parents were supportive and the couple got married early on in her pregnancy. The couple also had a second daughter in 2012 but despite their best efforts ended up getting a divorce in the year 2015.

What happened to Emily and Daniel from 16 and Pregnant?

Emily and Daniel did end up getting married on the date they planned in 2010. In an MTV update special, they are seen living together while Daniel went to school. Apparently, Emily and Daniel ended up getting divorced.



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