Is Adult Swim Cancelled?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 21, 2022

Adult Swim, part of the Warner Bros. Discovery universe, ended the series after three seasons. Pera revealed the news in his own email newsletter. Launched in 2018, the 11-minute series began as an animated short, followed by a live-action short.

Has Adult Swim been shut down?

Adult Swim was forced to be fired in November 2020, resulting in the closure of Pocket Mortys developer Big Pixel Studios and the cancellation of all Adult Swim online livestream series.

Did Cartoon Network get rid of Adult Swim?

The block is no longer on Cartoon Network, but the comedy shows now air on The Comedy Channel.

Why was Family Guy pulled from Adult Swim?

On September 18, 2021, Family Guy was pulled from Adult Swim. This comes after Fox was bought by Disney for $71.3 billion in 2019, causing WarnerMedia to lose the rights to air the show on Cartoon Network’s adult programming. Family Guy now only airs exclusively on FOX, FXX, FX and Freeform.

Did Adult Swim lose the rights to Family Guy?

In a competitive situation, FX Networks has secured off-network rights to the hit Fox animated series Family Guy, beginning Season 16 (2017-18). According to the article, Adult Swim and TBS will lose rights to Seasons 1 through 15 of Family Guy in Fall 2021.

What is leaving Adult Swim?

Family Guy is leaving Adult Swim, the network that saved it after its original termination, for a new cable network. Seth MacFarlane’s long-running animated series will continue to air new episodes on FOX. However, the entire back catalog of previous episodes will be moved from Adult Swim to FXX.

Why is The Simpsons not on Adult Swim?

The Simpsons went into syndication in 1993 before Adult Swim was formed. Therefore, when Fox sold its shows for syndication, Adult Swim was unable to acquire rights to the show.

Did Family Guy get Cancelled?

On May 11, 2020, Fox renewed the series for a nineteenth season. On September 23, 2020, Fox announced that the show would continue into a twenty-first season. The twenty-first season is scheduled to premiere on September 25, 2022.



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