How to Get the Armageddon Blade?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 19, 2022

Use your Abyss Chain to grab one and throw it at the red crystals. Follow the path all the way to the top (leave your mask on to make sure you can see the grapple point) and you’ll find the final Armageddon Razor Shard [7/7]. Destroy the red crystals (left) and follow the path up to find an Armageddon Blade Shard.

How do you get the Armageddon blade piece in the choking grounds?

Climb to the top floor and activate the Shadow Mask. You will see a yellow geyser appear. Climb inside and float onto the roof to find the Armageddon Blade Shard (Armageddon Blade Shard 6/7). Before exiting the Choking Grounds, go to the northeast corner and enter the Broken Stair Access Tunnel.

Where is the Armageddon blade piece in the ashlands?

We highly recommend upgrading the Razor Geyser attack to its full power. After that, take the Serpent Hole to the southern Ashlands location. Ride west across the main ash field to the shard marked on your map. Look at the southern rim of the plateau on which the shard is located.

Who is Abaddon in Darksiders?

Abaddon was the former leader of the Hellguard before he plotted to break the seals and prematurely trigger the apocalypse; After falling in battle, he was transformed into the Destroyer by Lilith and commanded Hell’s forces on Earth with the intention of conquering both Heaven and Hell.

How do I get to the dry road in Darksiders?

How do you get to the drowned pass?

Swim to the surface and circle the same building to find a chest (Drowned Pass 3/6) with 250 souls inside. Now look for a submerged crystal switch nearby. It is directly west of the two buildings. When you press the switch, the platform it’s on will float to the surface.



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