How to Get From Nadi to Mana Island?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 10, 2022

The quickest way to get from Nadi to Mana Island (Station) is the Line 1 Ferry. This option costs $90 and takes 2h 30m. How far is it from Nadi to Isle of Mana? The distance between Nadi and Isle of Mana (Station) is 36 km.

How do you get to Mana Island Fiji?

Mana Island Resort & Spa is accessible by scheduled ferry service from Port Denarau, water taxi or air. Mana Island is one of only two islands in the Mamanucas that has an airport served by Pacific Island Air.

How many resorts are there in Mana Island?

Mana Island Resort & The spa consists of six distinct small resorts, each with its own ambience and features to suit your romantic escape, relaxing getaway or family vacation. Island Bure: Detached bures set in lush tropical gardens with open deck decking.

Can you visit Survivor Island?

Mana Island

Located on the eastern end of Mana Island, the Survivor Challenge area is a fun place for all Survivor freaks. Additionally, you can even stay at the island resort where the cast (or at least part of the cast) and crew stayed, Mana Island Resort.



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