How Old Is Emerald in Rwby?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 11, 2022

Who is Emerald RWBY based off of?

Emerald is based on the fairy tale character Aladdin. Much of their past and personality matches, as do their outfits, which share similarities. They are both homeless thieves who are great at lying and cheating, and both are great at staying undetected.

What fairytale is Emerald based on?

Emerald alludes to Aladdin from the Book of One Thousand and One Nights as well as the Disney film. Emerald is a thief who used to live on the streets, similar to Aladdin’s origin. In The Best Day Ever, Roman Torchwick refers to Emerald as a “road rat,” which is an insult to Aladdin.

How old is emerald and Mercury RWBY?

I believe they are both about 17 years old, as are Team JNPR, Team CRDL and most of Team RWBY (Ruby is 15, the others are 17).

Is Emerald Sustrai black?

Appearance. Emerald is a young woman with medium brown skin and dark red eyes. Her hair is light mint green with straight fringe and bangs and two long curls on each side at the back.

How old is Oscar pine?

The team used to use a Tumblr account for the series where they could answer questions for fans. There it was confirmed that Oscar will be 14 years old when he begins his tenure on the show.

How old is Tyrian Callows?

How old is cinder in RWBY?

I definitely agree that Cinder is between 20 and 30, 27 is a good age. I take back something about Emerald and Mercury. After watching the first episode they are definitely younger, like teenagers it seems. They are certainly less mature.

How old is Ruby Rose RWBY?

How old is team RWBY?

All of the student characters in the series are 17 years old, with the exception of Ruby, who is 15 but is brought forward by two years due to certain events, and Team CFVY, who are sophomores 18 years< /b>. RWBY is the first Rooster Teeth mainline series to be 100% animated.

How old is Salem RWBY?

Really 700 years old: Salem is an ancient evil that has walked the earth for thousands of years trying to obtain the relics and divide humanity.

Who does Ruby Rose date in RWBY?

Does mercury care about Emerald?

Mercury really cares about Emerald, at least a little bit; He’s going about it in a stupid way, but trying to spot Cinder’s abusive behavior is one of the noblest things he’s ever done.

What is Ironwood semblance?

Mettle was the appearance of James Ironwood. It strengthened his resolve, which enabled him to enforce his decisions and helped him focus.

Who is Coco Adel based on?

Allusion. Her name, fashion style, weapon and looks could also be a nod to 20th-century fashion designer Coco Chanel, who liked to wear multiple pearl necklaces (as in the famous Boris Lipnitzki photo). and berets.

How tall is Hazel from RWBY?

Hazel stands a full eight feet tall, the tallest official human character height in all of history.



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