How Much Is Tiara Glassware Worth?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 18, 2022

Is Tiara glassware still in business?

The pattern continued to be offered in other colors until Lancaster Colony closed the Tiara Exclusives direct selling organization in 1998. Although the Tiara selling organization exists no longer, a few select pieces of Tiara glass are still being produced.

What is a tiara exclusive?

Tiara Glass: A short explanation:

Tiara Glass was marketed by Tiara Exclusives of Dunkirk, Indiana, USA through home-parties held by sales agents, between 1970 and 1998. The offices of Tiara Exclusives were adjacent to the Indiana Glass Company, and both companies belonged to the Lancaster Colony Corporation.

When was Tiara Indiana Glass made?

Tiara. Tiara Exclusives, a multi-level marketing company owned by Lancaster Colony, began on July 1, 1970. Glassware made by the companies owned by Lancaster Colony (including Indiana Glass), was sold via home parties—similar to the way Tupperware is marketed.

When was Tiara Sandwich glass made?

Their production of Sandwich Glass, the bulk of which was sold through “Tiara Exclusive” home parties, began in the early 1970s and continued until 1998. These pieces are easily identified by the rounded flowers with a single outline on each piece.

Is Tiara glass uranium glass?

The entire set DOES contain Uranium. Thus, it will glow under a black light! On that note, I would also like to add, the Uranium content is apparently on the lower side. As those of us familiar with Uranium glass under a black light, the higher the uranium content the more it “pops”.

How much is Carnival Glass Worth?

With its stunningly beautiful colors, iridescent glaze, and endless variety, carnival glass is a popular collector’s item that used to be given away for free. Today, it’s common for single pieces to fetch $30 to $50 at auction with especially desirable items selling for much more.

Is Sandwich glass valuable?

However, most pieces of Sandwich glass sell for under $100 and lacy pattern plates can sometimes be had for less than $10. The company made play pieces for children (sometimes mistaken for salesman samples), that are obtainable for a low price point as well.

Does Indiana Glass have a mark?

Unfortunately, most glass made by Indiana Glass before WWII lacks a maker’s mark and has to be identified by research in books, online or in this marvelous museum. Usefully, a CD is available online called “Carnival Glass Heaven.”

What is depression era glass?

Depression glass is glassware made in the period 1929–1939, often clear or colored translucent machine-made glassware that was distributed free, or at low cost, in the United States and Canada around the time of the Great Depression.

How do I identify my Indiana Glass?

However, the Indiana Glass hen can easily be recognized at a glance from it’s characteristic form. The tail is narrow and “flat”, pointing straight back from the head, and is never “split” or “divided” as is common on many, many hens made by other glass manufacturers.

Can Indiana Glass go in the dishwasher?

Wash carefully. Do not wash vintage glass in the dishwasher. Just don’t do it. Yes, it will probably survive many cycles through the dishwasher and yes it’s a pain to wash by hand.

What is Fenton glass Worth?

Fenton’s carnival glass was first marketed as the “golden sunset iridescent assortment” in catalogs. In 1907 when these pieces first sold, they cost 85 cents. A Fenton autumn acorns bowl averages for about $65. You can find some selling for as much as $150.

Is Sandwich Glass pressed glass?

Sandwich became famous, however, chiefly for its early pressed glass (glass pressed in a mold), for which the first American machinery was developed by Jarves around 1827.

Is Indiana glass Depression glass?

Indiana glass produced the first piece of Depression Era Glass in 1923, in an Art Nouveau pattern called Avocado, or Sweet Pear. They made Depression Glass in green, pink, milky-white, and crystal for many years. Some of their other popular patterns of that time were Horseshoe, Black Ice, and Bananas.

When was Anchor Hocking Sandwich glass made?

by Virginia Scott. Rainbow Review Glass Journal – March 1976

According to a listing which was sent to me by Mr. Phil Bee, Product Planning Coordinator, Tableware Division of Anchor Hocking, their 1400 pattern, called “Sandwich Design,” was made in 1953 in crystal and in 1957 in Forest Green.



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