How Much Is an 1866 Nickel Worth?

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Popularity among collectors
DATE GOOD Brilliant uncirculated
1866 Shield Nickel $30 $250
1867 Shield Nickel $35 $300
1867 shield nickel (no rays) $30 $250
1868 Shield Nickel $25 $110
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What is the 1866 nickel made of?

How much is a nickel from 1886 worth?

What is the rarest buffalo head nickel?

Are Shield nickels silver?

About Shield Nickels

These 75% copper and 25% nickel coins, the first 5 cents with this composition, circulated simultaneously with the physically smaller but equal one Half Dime , which also has a face value of five cents.

What is the oldest US nickel?

One of the oldest existing US nickels is worth a lot more than just five cents. A 1792 nickel, one of the first coins ever minted, sold for $1.41 million at an auction in Orlando, Fla., according to The nickel was sold at a rare currency and coin auction hosted by Heritage Auctions on Thursday.

What coins are most valuable?

What is the rarest V nickel?

The 1913 Liberty Head Nickel, which is not a regular coin as it was never officially circulated, is now considered one of the rarest and most valuable coins in all of numismatics.

How much is a 1884 nickel worth?

According to the NGC Price Guide, an 1884 Liberty Head nickel in circulation as of June 2022 is worth between $10 and $200. On the open market, however, 1884 nickels sell for up to $8000 in pristine, uncirculated condition.

How much is an Indian head penny worth?

What coins are worth millions?

What does the F mean on a Buffalo nickel?

The letter “F” you see on the “heads” page below where the date is located represents the designer’s last name, James Earl Fraser. All Buffalo nickels have the designer’s initials regardless of the mint where they were made.

What year nickels are worth keeping?

Which nickel years are worth money? Many years of nickels are worth money, but the 1913 Liberty Head V is the most valuable nickel. You can find a range of nickels worth money in many years including 1880, 1885, 1919, 1920, 1926, 1927, 1936, 1937, 1942 and 1964.

Are Barber dimes worth anything?

Barber Dime Value

Typically a Liberty dime minted at the Philadelphia Mint in 1897 can be worth around $4 if its condition is good. One minted in the same place in 1893 and with the same grade costs $140. If condition is uncirculated, price doubles to $300.

How much is a shielded nickel worth?

How much is a 1867 Shield nickel with rays worth?



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