How Much Is a Used Kubota Worth?

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Depreciation of Kubota compact and micro tractors
Model Average New Selling Price ($US) Used Present Value after 5 years
Kubota B2650 HSD $23,007 $14,339
Kubota BX1870 $10,118 $5,159
Difference $12,889 $9,180
February 14, 2020

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How many hours will a Kubota last?

A well-maintained Kubota tractor should last between 4500-5500 measured hours. With many tractor owners reporting only using their tractor 100-200 hours a year, this can add up to years of usage. If you have the time and skill to optimally service and care for a Kubota tractor, you stand a chance of exceeding 10,000 hours.

How much is a small Kubota?

Are old Kubota tractors any good?

Used Kubota tractors hold their value well and can actually be the best bang for your buck. The most important factor when buying a used Kubota is who you buy it from. All guarantees related to the running ability, support and even the cleanliness of the tractor can only be given by a service dealer.

Are Kubota tractors good quality?

Kubota is best known for producing quality compact and sub-compact tractors on the market. In fact, their diesel engines are very efficient and extremely reliable.

What is the life of a Kubota tractor?

Kubota tractors, for example, typically offer an above average lifespan of 4,500 to 5,500 hours.

Is 8000 hours a lot for a tractor?

However, other aspects of the machine such as transmissions, clutches, hydraulics and more may need to be replaced to keep the tractor in good working order. As a general rule of thumb, 2,000 to 2,500 hours is well raked in, while anything over 35,000 hours is considered high.

How do I find the value of a used tractor?

How much is a used tractor worth?

Average cost of used tractors #

Gently used compact and small tractors up to 40 hp sell for $6,000 to $15,000. A three year old 50 to 75 horsepower farm tractor would likely sell for $20,000 to $35,000. A 95 to 120 hp gently used farm tractor would sell for $50,000 to $75,000.

What are the problems with Kubota tractors?

Owners have also reported losing speed, stalling steering and parts failure during operation when the tractor has a small number of operating hours left. In addition to these common Kubota tractor problems, there are also reports of pitch hydraulic noise and loader drift.

How much is my Kubota worth?

What should I look for in a used Kubota tractor?

Which is better John Deere or Kubota?

While John Deere loader tractors (but one) come standard with a quick-change bucket, Kubota tractor models have buckets with excellent manoeuvrability. All in all, these are both great tractor brands. They are known for their longevity and durability, as well as function and performance.

What size Kubota do I need for 10 acres?

If you have 10 hectares and/or moderate tasks

A between 30 and 60 HP compact tractor is well suited to mow 10 hectares and moderate tasks. The stronger reserve of power and torque allows you to supply larger and heavier implements and attachments with more power.

What is the best selling Kubota tractor?

The Kubota BX23S is the best-selling mini tractor in the USA. The front loader attachment disconnects in just 60 seconds, and the Swift Connect backhoe loader allows users to switch from three-point attachments to backhoes without tools. Dealer-installed heated cabs and deluxe cabs are also popular options.

What brand of tractor is most reliable?

Known all over the world, the John Deere brand is the most valued and sought-after tractor manufacturer in the world. With a reputation built over 183 years, John Deere offers the highest reliability of any company on the market.

How many hours does a Kubota diesel engine last?

Kubota warranties its industrial motors for 2 years or 2,000 hours, whichever comes first; Main engine components are guaranteed for 3 years or 3000 hours. Here, too, whichever comes first applies. However, with proper maintenance, your Kubota diesel engine can last up to 10,000 hours.

Are used tractor prices going up?

Prices for used tractors up 27%, the increase could continue into 2022.

Do Kubota tractors require def?

Not only optimizes the performance per unit emission, but also achieves low fuel consumption at the highest level compared to other engines in the same power range. This model does not require an SCR system, thus eliminating the need for diesel exhaust fluid (DEF) and topping up the fluid, resulting in a reduction in running costs.

Where are the Kubota tractors made?

Where are Kubota tractors made? – Georgia. Today, more than half of all Kubota equipment sold in the United States is assembled or manufactured in Georgia. Two Georgia plants cover more than 600,000 square feet and employ approximately 1,200 US workers.



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