How Much Is a Pete Maravich Rookie Card Worth?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 8, 2022

In rough condition, it can be worth around $100 or less. And they can be worth thousands of dollars in new condition.

Are Shaq rookie cards worth anything?

Of Shaq’s base rookie cards, the 1992 Upper Deck #1 card is the most valuable. Copies of the Upper Deck Shaq Rookie in Gem-Mint (PSA 10) condition average over $2000 at auction.

What is Larry Bird’s rookie card?

1980 Topps #16 Larry Bird Rookie Card

This entire set of Topps is most famous for the legacy that Bird and Johnson left behind. They were bitter rivals in college and throughout their NBA careers, so Topps was smart about bringing them together on this map.

What is a Michael Jordan rookie card worth?

Signed Michael Jordan Rookie Card could fetch up to $3 million at Christie’s. A 1986 Michael Jordan rookie card, signed by the basketball legend, will be offered at an online-only auction by Christie’s next month with an estimated value of between $2 million and $3 million. p>

What is a Barry Bonds rookie card worth?

The card’s design is instantly recognizable, with the huge, bright yellow “Pirates” lettering across the top, as is the striped pirate hat that Bonds wore. Aesthetically, it’s one of his best rookie cards, and in top condition, the Tiffany version can easily be worth around $10,000.

How much is a Wayne Gretzky rookie card worth?

His rookie ticket recently sold for $3.75 million, which is the highest price ever for a single hockey ticket.

What is Magic Johnson’s rookie card worth?

1980-81 Topps Larry Bird, Magic Johnson Rookie Card sells for over $74,000.

How much is a mark McGwire rookie card worth?

Some ’85 McGwire Topps cards cost up to $5,000, with most new cards ranging from $125 to $275. If you don’t care about the quality of the card and can tolerate kinks or banging, you can purchase it for $1-$5.



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