How Much Is a Marlin 795?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 6, 2022

Marlin Model 795 best price: $150.99 – Price trends for July 2022.

Is the Marlin 795 a good gun?

With refinement and value, the Marlin 795 beats out other popular rifles with several key features that are well-suited to novice shooters. This semi-automatic . 22 is an extremely accurate rifle that is easy and safe to use. At over fifty meters, the Marlin 795 reaches its goal effortlessly.

When was the Marlin Model 795 made?

Model 795LTR (LTR stood for Liberty Training Rifle), manufactured in 2013 in cooperation with Project Appleseed. Marlin 70HC with 25-round magazine (HC stood for High Capacity), produced in 1988–1996.

How long is the barrel on a Marlin 795?

Marlin Model 795 22LR 18″ Barrel Black Synthetic Stock 10rd Mag – Impact Guns.

Can Marlin Model 60 shoot 22 Magnum?

What year is my Marlin?

What year did Remington take over Marlin?

Marlin was acquired in 2008 by Remington Arms Co. Inc., a subsidiary of Freedom Group Co. of Madison, N.C. Three years ago, Marlin employed 345 people at its North Haven headquarters and 225 at Gardner, Mass., at the former Harrington and Richardson facility that Marlin acquired.



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