How Much Is a Dye Paintball Gun?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

Dye paintball guns are among the most sought after and respected markers in the game. The Dye Matrix (DM) series are proven tournament winners, the result of over ten years of development and refinement.

Is Dye A good paintball gun?

Dye Paintball has always produced some of the best paintball guns on the market. Their constant attention to detail, performance-driven and technologically advanced style have kept their markers at the forefront for years. The new Dye DAM is the top-of-the-line scenario paintball marker available.

How much does a dye m2 cost?

Retail Price: $1,749.95

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How much does an electric paintball gun cost?

One of the best cheap electric paintball gun options for the money is the Planet Eclipse GTEK 170R. The reliable paintball marker costs only $350 and performs like a beast in even the most extreme weather conditions.

Where are dye paintball guns made?

What is dye made of?

Most natural coloring comes from non-animal sources: roots, berries, bark, leaves, wood, fungi and lichen. In the 21st century, most dyes are synthetic, i. H. artificially made from petrochemicals.

What is a Autococker paintball gun?

The Autococker is a semi-automatic, closed-bolt paintball marker manufactured by Worr Game Products (WGP). It was one of the first paintball markers designed specifically for the sport and has long been recognized in the paintball community for its popularity, adaptability, and complexity.

What is Dye Mosair?

Refined with 12 years of paintball marker manufacturing, innovation and experience, DYE’s M2 marker is the new benchmark for performance and beauty. Based on the legendary DM Series platform and meticulously redesigned from the ground up, the new M2 features improvements in every component.

How do you charge dye M2?

To charge your M2 marker, simply use any standard micro USB cable and power adapter. A micro USB cable is supplied with the marker.

When did the Gtek 160r come out?

In late 2015 the Eclipse GTEK was launched to acclaim. Its robust reliability combined with true high-end shooting characteristics and performance meant it immediately appealed to a huge spectrum of players looking to experience a new Eclipse spool valve marker at a mid-range price.

How much does 2000 paintballs cost?

Paintballs are generally between $15-$30 per 500-round bag and $50-$75 per 2000-round case.

How much is a new paintball gun?

The basic BT paintball guns start at just under $100 and have a model for every skill level and style.

What hurts more paintball or airsoft?

When did the dye rotor come out?

The DYE Rotor, released in 2009, was DYE’s first entry into the loader market segment and was intended to compete with other high-end loaders offered by competitors.

Does Angel still make paintball guns?



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