How Much Is a Colt Commander Worth?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 15, 2022

Is Colt Commander A good gun?

Colt has done a pretty solid job managing the Combat Commander’s recoil and overall handling. As well as opting for lighter materials and components, they’ve added their popular Dual Spring Recoil System, which is said to noticeably increase accuracy.

What caliber is a Colt Commander?

What’s the difference between a 1911 Government and Commander?

The 1911 Commander is just a compact version of the 1911 Government with a shorter barrel and bolt that was introduced in 1950. It shares the same frame, trigger assembly, and magazine as the Government.

How long is a Colt Commander?

Overall length: 7.75 inches. Height: 5.5 inches. Width: 1.25″.

Is a Colt Combat Commander A 1911?

Is the colt commander compact?

The Commander Compact is the ultimate 1911 concealed carry pistol for traditionalists. Expertly matched to our compact frame, the Commander 4.25″ rifled stock is a superb everyday pistol with a classic look and feel.

When was the Colt Commander made?

The Colt Commander Model was first produced in 1949 as a lightweight variant of the popular Colt Model 1911 automatic pistol. It’s made from a new aluminum alloy that makes it significantly lighter than the typical all-steel construction. An all-steel version known as the Combat Commander appeared in 1970.

How much does a Colt Lightweight Commander weight?

Colt Lightweight Commander®

Overall length 7.75 inches. Overall height 5.5 inches. Overall width 1.25 inches. Weight 29.4 ounces.

Who makes a Commander 1911?

Colt wasn’t the first manufacturer to try aluminum in a pistol, but he was the first to do so in a full-size pistol and the first to produce one on a large scale. It was also the company’s first pistol chambered in the 9mm cartridge. From the start, Colt offered the Commander in .

Is a Colt 45 the same as a 1911?

The Colt 45 became the weapon of choice for the US Army, Navy and Marine Corps. In 1924, the 1911 was slightly modified and renamed the 1911-A1. In 1983, the 45 Automatic was retired after 72 years of loyal service.

What’s so great about 1911 pistol?

The M1911 pistol series is famous for its ergonomics. The slim handle of the single-stack magazine makes it easier to grip. The manual safety is perfectly placed for easy access and the grip angle is excellent. The single-action-only design provides a crisp trigger pull even in the cheapest 1911 configurations.

Is the 1911 a good carry gun?

If you want a gun that works every time you pull it from your hip, a 1911 is a safe bet. It’s all about balance. The 1911 has been hailed for years as a gun that, with a little practice, is easy to fire accurately. That’s because of how well balanced most 1911s are.

How long is the barrel on a 1911 Commander?

This 1911 Bobb has been put back into production by popular demand. With an 8-round magazine capacity and 4.25 barrel, the Commander Classic is such a trusted and essential part of our lineup that it has stood the test of time and retained its California legal status.


What are the different sizes of 1911 pistols?

Will full size 1911 grips fit commander?

If your 1911 is 3 1/16″ between the screws then it is full size. The handles fit both standard ambidextrous and non-ambidextrous security configurations. Ambi Safety Cut was a very small, thin cut on the right side. These grips fit Commander, Government and Gold Cup models.

What is an officer size 1911?

It’s a great pistol. The officer’s model is an even shorter 1911 with a 3.5″ barrel and a grip that has been shortened to reduce the magazine capacity by one round.

Is the Taurus 1911 Commander good?

Since its introduction, the 1911 Commander has served as a reliable defensive pistol for shooters who prefer the rugged 1911-style construction, features and full grip, but a shorter profile for everyday or concealment use prefer transportation .



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