How Much Is a Bundy Ii Saxophone Worth?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 2, 2022

With that in mind, the Selmer Bundy II saxophone is a great choice as you can buy it for under $500 or even under $200 at some pawnshops or online. And while it’s a vintage piece, it can work well with modern music as long as you have the right skills and mouthpiece.

Is a Bundy II a good saxophone?

The Selmer Bundy II alto saxophone is generally considered an excellent alto saxophone for beginners or students.

How much is a Bundy Selmer?

Are old saxophones worth money?

Gold-plated specimens from the 1940s are worth $1,000, silver-plated about $800, and brass pieces about $650, say Dr. Rick and Terry Dean who buy, sell and appreciate vintage saxophones, flutes, clarinets and related odd or unusual instruments. They say the ones from the 1950s are worth less.

Who makes Bundy saxophone?

Are Selmer and Bundy the same?

The Bundy line of musical instruments owes its name to a Selmer employee named George Bundy who took over Selmer’s US business in 1918 when Alexandre Selmer returned to Paris. Around 1930 Bundy began marketing a subsidiary brand of Selmer USA instruments under his own name.

Where are Bundy saxophones made?

Many pros still have their original bundies, and some keep them as backup horns. yes they were that good These new Asia-made Bundy saxophones ride on the jacket tails of their American-made predecessors. Well, if these horns are actually made in China, their quality is really quite unknown.

Are Bundy tenor saxophones good?

Registered. On the plus side, while definitely a low quality student horn, the Bundy has a very nice rich tone and would be a good beginner horn if you could find one for a few hundred dollars. .p>

What is the best saxophone brand?

Are Bundy trumpets any good?

Bundy has been making musical instruments for many years. The quality is good and the melody is right. The keys slide easily without sticking. A thumb saddle on the first valve gives the trumpet a more comfortable feel.

Which saxophone is the best for a beginner?

In general, Alto is a good place to start if you’re a total beginner, like the idea of ​​playing a recognizable saxophone, or are inspired by some of the jazz greats who have played the instrument.

How good is a Bundy flute?

For the beginning flute player, the Bundy BFL-300 is an excellent value. This flute’s design helps produce a sweet, dark tone, while the stainless steel springs help it stay set. The silver-plated surface not only looks beautiful, but is also very durable.

How much should I sell my saxophone for?

Your modern student sax is worth around $100 to $400 if you sell it on Craigslist or eBay, but you have to compete with cheap, shiny new versions of these instruments. You can also try consigning it to a local music store if you still have a local music store.

Which saxophone is the rarest?

The Contrabass Saxophone

A rare and expensive instrument that is also very difficult to play, although it offers an extremely warm, full sound to the big-breathing master.p>

What is considered a vintage saxophone?

The term vintage saxophone has been used to describe everything from horns 100+ years old – which really would count as antiques in the truest sense of the word – to modern horns with a fake one vintage finish . For example, this is my Evette & Schaeffer HP baritone from 1886.

Are Bundy instruments still made?

The domestically manufactured Bundy brand was discontinued shortly thereafter, replaced by Asian-derived student wind instruments and sold as Selmer (USA) woodwinds and Bach brass instruments.

When did Selmer buy Bundy?

George M. Bundy owned Selmer and used his name on instruments for many years. As for the saxophones, he stenciled other brands like Bueschers until he made them in-house. After the Buescher purchase around 1963 the Bundy was the same horn.

Are Bundy clarinets good?

It’s a longtime favorite of band programs and beginner to intermediate musicians everywhere. With a Boehm key system that places tone holes in acoustically optimal positions, the Bundy clarinet offers an excellent sound and easy playability – ideal for the music student.

Are Bundy instruments good?

Due to their solid construction and fair price, Bundy instruments are highly rated by music teachers and are often the first choice of inexperienced musicians. Constructed of the strongest materials, Bundy instruments also include necessary extras such as cases, mouthpieces and instrument care products.

Are Selmer saxophones good?

Selmer saxophones are world-renowned for their quality in both manufacture and musical tone. A Selmer saxophone is not only the clear choice of most professionals, but also one of the most played saxophones for students.

What is the difference between Selmer and Conn-Selmer?

Selmer USA is now Conn-Selmer (because Conn and Selmer USA merged) and has the rights to distribute the horns made in Paris, France in the USA; along with Yanigisawa. They also own Bach, Armstrong, Emerson, whatever!

What to look for in buying a saxophone?

How do I know if my saxophone is alto or tenor?

Size. The most obvious difference between the two instruments is their size. The tenor sax is slightly larger and heavier, while the alto sax is smaller, lighter and easier to handle than a tenor. Also, an alto saxophone’s neck ends up slightly up, while a tenor’s neck bends down slightly.

Are Bundy clarinets still made?

These were introduced in 1948 and are still manufactured today as the Selmer 1400B. More than a million of these clarinets were made. The Bundy 1400 was the first plastic clarinet that was considered a complete success.

Which saxophone is hardest to play?

Soprano Saxophone

The soprano is considered the most difficult saxophone to play.

What is the most expensive saxophone?

The most valuable jazz instrument is a saxophone that once belonged to Charlie Parker and was sold on September 7, 1994 at Christie’s South Kensington, London, United Kingdom for £93,500 (US $144,747).

How do you know if a saxophone is good?

A good way to check this is to lay the horn on its side and carefully look down the horn body to make sure the surface looks smooth and level (see image A). Dents on the neck are particularly annoying. Otherwise, if a dent on the saxophone body is about 5mm wide or smaller, then this is probably not a problem.

Is Bundy a good brand?

Bundy is a good brand for a beginner’s trumpet today. Beginning trumpeters tend to want shiny new silver trumpets, and most would prefer a shiny new silver Chinese student trumpet to a Chicago Benge that has half the lacquer worn off.



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