How Much Grazon Do I Need for 25 Gallons of Water?

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GrazonNext HL Herbicide

< /span> is used at rates of 1,2 – 2.1 pints per acre (19 – 34 oz per acre) in enough water to cover this area. You must first know how much area your 25 gallon tank will cover (typically ½ acre to 1 acre) and then refer to Table 3 on the product label to determine which weeds you are targeting.

How much Grazon do I mix per gallon of water?

How much Grazon do I need for 40 gallons of water?

Depending on which weeds you are targeting, you will divide the mix rate of 19 fl oz, 24 fl oz, or 34 fl oz per acre and divide by 3 (the number of times you will fill) . 40 gallon sprayer). You can mix the GrazonNext straight into the tank. To prepare the spray, add about half the required amount of water to the spray tank.

How many acres will a 25 gallon sprayer cover?

With a 25 gallon sprayer, you can expect to cover two acres.

How do you mix Grazon?

Small area backpacking applications: Prepare a 0.67% solution of Grazon XC in water for weed and shrub control (e.g. mix 67ml Grazon XC in 10L of water). In all applications, target sheet coverage is very important.

Is Grazon the same as 24d?

GrazonNext HL or Forefront HL (essentially the same product) is a combination of Milestone and 2.4-D. These are powerful weed killers for broadleaf weeds. The correct utilization rate is one quart per acre. There are no grazing restrictions on livestock and no license is required to purchase or use.

How much Grazon do you put per acre?

GrazonNext® HL herbicide simplifies pasture weed control, allowing ranchers to focus on other aspects of their ranch. Tariff selection is easy. Go for 1.5, 2, or 2.1 pints per acre for most weed complexes. And one application provides control all season long.

When should I spray Grazon?

Spray in June-August when actively growing but before plants begin to age in fall. In the case of large shrubs in particular, it is important that all of the foliage is thoroughly wetted, otherwise incomplete killing may occur.

Is Grazon safe for trees?

CAUTION: GrazonNext HL can cause injury or death to desirable vegetation. Users are advised not to apply GrazonNext HL over the canopy of desirable trees or in the root zone of susceptible species where injury cannot be tolerated, particularly at a spot treatment rate of 4.2 pints.

How many acres will a 300 gallon sprayer cover?

You have calibrated a 300 gallon syringe. It can spray 7.5 acres per tank at 40 GPA. One recommendation states ½ pound a.i. per acre.

How many gallons does it take to spray 1 acre?

Answer: On average, 1 gallon of mixed solution covers about 1000 square feet, so it would take you about 44 gallons to cover an entire acre.

How many gallons of water does it take to spray 2 acres?

Some people use more, some less water per acre. Sprayers typically range from 0.5 to 2 gallons of water per 1000 square feet. In this area you would need 22 – 88 gallons of water per acre.

How much 24d is in a 25 gallon sprayer?

Mix 62.5 oz of 2.4-D concentrate for every 25 gallons of water in the sprayer. If you are using a 25 gallon sprayer and plan to fill the entire tank with the mixed herbicide, make sure you are covering a weed area of ​​at least 10,000 square feet.

Can you spray Grazon on wet grass?

How long before or after rain is it safe to apply GrazonNext HL herbicide? GrazonNext HL herbicide is best applied when rain is not expected within 24 hours of application. As long as the weeds to be controlled are not doused/dripped with water before application, it can be applied within a few hours after rain.

Can I spray Grazon on my lawn?

This chemical is used to control herbaceous weeds and some woody plants without killing desirable turf and peat grasses. It can be applied as a one-pass spray or in combination with liquid fertilizer, and it can be mixed with other herbicides to control a wide range of weeds.

How quickly does Grazon work?

You should start seeing results within a few days of using GrazonNext HL herbicide. Depending on the target weed, age and health of the weed, it may take a few weeks to completely kill.

How many acres will 2.5 gallons of Grazon cover?

How long before rain can you spray Grazon?

GrazonNext HL herbicide is best applied when rain is not expected within 24 hours of application. As long as the weeds to be controlled are not soaked/drip before application, it can be applied within a few hours after rain.

Can cattle graze after spraying Grazon?

There are no grazing restrictions for livestock, including goats, when using GrazonNext HL herbicide. We recommend that they are not nearby during application and when surfaces are wet. Once the treated surfaces are completely dry, the livestock can return.

How long does Grazon need to dry?

Following application of Grazon Pro, livestock/horses should be kept away from any toxic weeds and unappetizing for at least 7 days and until the foliage has died off. Keep pets away from treated areas until the spray has dried (typically about 2 hours).



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