How Much Does the Aggie Ring Cost?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 2, 2022

A men’s 10k gold Aggie ring costs $995, while a women’s 10k gold Aggie ring costs $502. Pledge of either ring would return approximately $130 in cash to the customer selling it.

How much is an Aggie Ring 2021?

Ordering an Aggie ring:

All information from pricing (Men start at around $1000 and women are around $600 – new prices will be available for the next order period be) to the history of the ring can be found on the page of the alumni association.

Is Aggie Ring real gold?

The first Aggie ring was cast in 1889. According to Texas A&M, it was solid gold with the intertwined letters “AMC” for the Agricultural and Mechanical College of Texas, along with four diamonds: The First 25 Years of Lyman Hardeman. The early designs can be viewed in the Ring Collections at Clayton W. Williams Jr.

Why is the Aggie ring such a big deal?

For many Aggies, if not all, the ring represents both school commitment and personal achievement. Rae Oldham ’77 said, “It meant to me that I had passed 92 (or maybe it was 95) hours of college credits when I ordered my ring. I worked hard for my ring and have worn it with pride ever since.

Can you make payments on Aggie Ring?

Payment Methods Accepted

Full payment is due at the time of ordering. Accepted means of payment are: cash payment. Check (made out to the Alumni Association)

What is A&M ring dunk?

Ring dunking is one of the many customs unique to Aggies. The concept is said to have originated in the 1970s when a member of the Corps of Cadets dropped his Aggie gold into a mug of beer at the Dixie Chicken and decided it was easier to drink than to fish out with your hands /p>

What finger do you wear your Aggie Ring on?

The Aggie ring is traditionally worn on the ring finger of the right hand.

What karat gold is an Aggie Ring?

Each symbol represents values ​​that every Aggie should represent: excellence, integrity, leadership, loyalty, respect and selfless service. White gold and polara (75% sterling silver and 25% palladium) are only available in an antique finish. 10k gold is recommended for durability. 14k gold has more gold content.

What happens if you lose your Aggie Ring?

If your Aggie ring is lost or stolen, a replacement ring can be ordered. A replacement Aggie ring can be ordered for a deceased alumni. The order must match the order on file with The Association. The order must be placed by a parent, spouse, child or sibling of the deceased.

How many stars are on the Aggie ring?

There are 13 stripes in the shield, symbolizing the 13 original states and an Aggie’s patriotism. The five stars in the shield relate to the five stages of Aggie development: mind or intellect, body, spiritual attainment, emotional balance, and character integrity.

How much gold is in an Aggie Ring?

A 10k gold men’s aggie ring costs $995, while a 10k gold women’s aggie ring costs $502. Pledge of either ring would return approximately $130 in cash to the customer selling it.

What is the most recognized college ring?

The Clemson ring is worn by almost all 120,000 alumni – and as it hasn’t changed since the 1940s, it’s one of the most recognizable rings in the nation,” said Ricard.

What is Aggie Ring made of?

With this process, each Aggie ring is first made in wax – size 6 for women or size 10 for men. That’s because Balfour’s masters – the brass originals from which all Aggie rings have been cast since the process was introduced – are engraved in sizes 6 and 10.

How many hours do I need to get my Aggie Ring?

In order to be able to order an Aggie ring as an elementary or college student, you must have: 90 total of completed elementary or professional hours. 45 completed undergraduate or professional hours of the institution. 2.0 minimum cumulative GPR.

How do I know if I qualify for an Aggie Ring?

1. Follow Step 1 at to check your Aggie Ring eligibility online. 2. If eligible, order your Aggie Ring online by 5pm. to the order deadline.

How much is a Texas Tech class ring?

Our Texas Tech Class rings range from $500.00 to $3,000.00 for women and $1,550.00 to $4,000.00 for men; Prices reflect 10 KT gold and/or real diamonds and gemstones mined in the earth.

How many beers does an Aggie Ring dunk?

Each year since the early days of ring dunks in the 1970s, thousands of Aggies have chosen to christen their new piece of Aggie gold in a 60 ounce tankard of their favorite – or least favorite – beer. For some Aggies, however, the idea of ​​drinking more than four beers at a time is less than appealing.

Why do Aggies kiss when they score?

You kiss after the soccer team results

In a tradition that no doubt dates back to the days when A&M was an all-male military school that put women on the train , Aggie fans score in the stands when the team scores on the field.

Does A&M Galveston have Aggie Ring?

Unlike most schools in the Texas A&M University System, students at Texas A&M Galveston identify so closely with Aggie culture and traditions that they are colloquially referred to as “Sea Aggies”. Galveston students have their own Yell Leaders, buy sports passes to College Station sporting events and…

When did Aggies get their ring?

8. April 2022

The exact times and locations for these ring days will be emailed to all ring recipients a few weeks before the ceremony.




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