How Much Does It Cost to Shorten Chain?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 9, 2022

To shorten a regular chain, the service costs around $30-$35. Thick chains like Kuba, Curb or Figaro style require the jeweler to spend more time and labor removing the links, so expect a corresponding price increase of $20 or more.

How much does it cost to shorten a silver chain?

Cost and Processing Time

These items range from $50 for a tennis bracelet resizing to $80 for a thick cuban chain shortening. Most items require a same day or one day turnaround time, while the large chains will take around a week to measure and solder due to the thickness and material.

Can a chain be made shorter?

Shortening a closed link chain

In this case, you will remove the clasp and then cut the links with a knife or jeweler’s scissors. All you have to do is change the closure, done!

How do you shorten a chain fast?

Can Jewelry Stores shorten chains?

Shortening & Lengthening: Adjusting the length of your chain to suit your preferences isn’t too difficult for the average jeweler. To shorten a chain, the jeweler simply shortens the chain to the desired length, reattachs the end piece (either the jump ring or the clasp) and solders everything together.

How do you shorten a necklace chain temporarily?

Simply put on your necklace, gather the excess chain at the back and slip an old earring through the chain. Place the back on the earring and twist the necklace right way. Voila! No more snagged or hidden necklaces!

How do you make a long necklace shorter?

How do necklace shorteners work?

How do you shorten a thick chain necklace?

Can you shorten a gold chain?

How do you shorten a chain without a tool?

How do you cut jewelry chains?



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