How Much Does It Cost to Float the River in Tahlequah?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 5, 2022

Price: $29 per person. Additional All American Floats Information: ​On all trips we take you upstream and you float back to us and your car without having to wait for a bus to pick you up.

Can you float the Illinois River in Oklahoma for free?

It’s not free, but it’s cheap. Swimmers must first visit the Grand River Dam Scenic River Office, 2-1/2 miles north on State Highway 10, between the Sparrow Hawk Camp and Elephant Rock Nature Park turnoffs, on the left side of the road. There they pay $1 per day per swimmer or $10 for the entire season.

Do you have to pay to float the Illinois River?

Can you float the Illinois River in Tahlequah?

The Illinois River in Tahlequah features a gentle, moderate current and numerous canoe, kayak and raft outfitters along its scenic banks, making it a popular rafting destination. Rafting is the most popular way to experience Oklahoma’s scenic Illinois River.

Do you need a permit to float the Illinois River?

River Description

PERMITS: Permits are required year-round for all river trips on the wild section of the Illinois River between Briggs Creek and Nancy Creek, and group size is limited to 12 . Permits are free and available 24/7 from a self-issuing display at the Selma Market entrance.

Can you drink alcohol on the Illinois River?

Alcohol is banned at some public entrances, but 6% is allowed on the Illinois River.

Can you float the Illinois River right now?

Swimming on the river is too dangerous due to the strong turbulence. No flooding occurs, but all recreational swimming along the Illinois River stops at and above 9.5 feet. Current/historical observations: Corps of Engineers (COE) info for Tahlequah.

Where should I stay to float the Illinois River?

Eagle Bluff offers endless opportunities to experience the Illinois River. With 2 campgrounds, 3 cabins and over 400 boats, the fun never stops at Eagle Bluff! Eagle Bluff is home to 5 boats including rafts, kayaks, double kayaks, canoes and inner tubes.

How long does it take to tube a mile?

A relaxing 1-mile (1.6 km) raft with sandy beaches and rope swings along the way. Duration: Approximately 1-3 hours depending on river level.

Is the Illinois River closed?

Illinois Waterway ~ Brandon Road Lock & Dam ~ Summer 2022

9. May – August 14 14 (restriction period ~ night lock operation only)

Are dogs allowed to float the Illinois River?

Pets are allowed as long as their claws are clipped. Valuables such as wallets, watches, rings, cameras, etc. should not be taken in the canoe. Car keys can be left at the office before departure.

What is a float trip?

Floating is one of the most enjoyable experiences in the United States. For the uninitiated, it’s cruising down a slow-moving river on a canoe, kayak, raft, or tube. A trip usually involves friends and family, good food and a relaxed atmosphere.

Can you camp along the Illinois River?

The Illinois’ emerald waters offer a cool respite from the hot summer temperatures. Primitive camping and numerous hiking trails are available along the river corridor.

How long does it take to float the Illinois River in Oklahoma?

This is a full day float, typically lasting between 4 and 6 hours, floating through amazing scenery including the legendary Elephant Rock! It’s all nature, with numerous bathing spots and beaches.

Can you kayak on the Illinois River?

Escape for the day with a kayak or canoe rental in Morris, IL on the Illinois River. Kayak Morris, a local company, rents out kayaks or canoes for half or full days. Their prices are reasonable and can include free camping for two, making your kayaking a day trip!

Does the Illinois River freeze?

The Chicago River is not completely freezing. Certain sections along the North Branch, for example, freeze almost every year. When the surface of the main trunk in downtown Chicago freezes over, the city operates an icebreaker to unblock the waterway for safety.



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