How Much Does Hk 47 Cost?

FAQs Jackson Bowman November 14, 2022

How much does HK-47 cost in Kotor?

Yuka Laka offers Revan HK-47 for 5,000 credits first.

How do I get HK-47?

Content. HK-47 can join your party if you buy him from Yuka Laka, the Ithorian owner of the droid shop in Anchorhead on Tatooine. You can then talk to him any time he’s added to your party or when you’re aboard the Ebon Hawk, where you can find him with Canderous in the swoop hangar.

What does HK-47 stand for?

HK-47 to Revan. The HK series assassin droid, also known as the HK series protocol droid, was a combination of assassin droids and protocol droids. The series name stands for “Hunter Killer“, appropriate to their primary function as an assassin.

How good is HK-47?

Hk-47 is a very reliable support, especially in a team of at least 2 droids with him as the leader. It gives a bonus to critical hit rate and damage. In addition to gaining turn meter on critical hits, he and his droid allies will gain more turns over time.

Who is the oldest droid in Star Wars?

Is HK-47 Still Alive?

The astronauts made their way to a lava crater to destroy HK-47. Although the astronauts managed to do so after a long battle against HK-47’s elite droids, upon returning to Milo Mensix for their reward, they received a message from HK-47 stating that he was indeed still alive .

Where do I get HK-47 parts?

You can obtain these parts from a few locations on each planet, including from a droid vendor found early on Dantooine, but players should travel to Nar Shadaa first. The last two HK-47 parts are available on Nar Shadaa.

How do you unlock HK-51?

To unlock HK-51 for your other characters, go to your Legacy window and then your Character Perks and there will be a perk called HK-51. Click the one with a credits icon and you can pay 1 million credits to unlock HK-51 for your character.

What is the max level in Kotor?

The level cap is 20. Your main character starts out as either a soldier, scout or rogue and becomes a Jedi shortly after leaving Taris. The game forces your main character to level up to level 2 during the tutorial. Optimal builds remain at level 2 of the base class until forced to level up as Jedi.

What do you do with Gizka?

Feed the poison to a Gizka and it will attack and spread the deadly effects to its fellows and the Trouble with Gizka quest will be complete. Another way to get rid of the gizka is to pay Nubassa on manaan in the docking area to have him help remove the gizka.

How many assassin droids are there?

Only four of these droids were ever created, and all were completely identical. While these creations were said to be subservient to their masters, when IG-88 activated, the sentience programming designed to make the droid a more adaptable and resourceful assassin had results that far exceeded their expectations.


Is the HK-47 a canon?

HK is not canon.

Is Darth Revan canon?

An ancient Sith Lord named Revan has been restored in current Star Wars canon with a mention in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: The Visual Dictionary, a 2019 reference book edited by written by Lucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo.

How did Darth Revan turn to the dark side?

However, when Revan defeated the Mandalorian leader Mandalore the Ultimate in the Battle of Malachor V in 3960 VBY, Revan and his friend Alek, now known as Malak, followed the trail of a mysterious Sith influence on the Mandalorian Wars into the unknown Regions where the two discovered a reconstituted Sith Empire and…



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