How Much Does Each Food Heal Osrs?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 4, 2022

How much do foods heal Osrs?

What food gives you the most health in Runescape?

The supreme remedy for non-members is a swordfish; for members it is the 1 bite sailfish soup. However, the fastest healing food for members with multiple bites is Summer Cake, which only takes 0.6 seconds per bite (three times faster than some types of food).

How much HP does swordfish heal?

They’re a relatively popular food source for combat skill training, largely due to the fact that they heal 14 hit points when eaten, making them slightly better than lobsters.

How much HP does lobster heal?

A lobster is a type of fishable crustacean that players can use as food. They are one of the most popular foods in the game, especially in free-to-play, as they heal 12 hit points each and can be easily caught in large quantities.

How much does tuna heal?

Tuna heals 10 hit points and is a great food source for lower level combat training.

How much do purple sweets heal Osrs?

Purple candy is the only stackable food item in the game that restores 1-3 hit points and 10% run energy per candy eaten.

What pies heal the most in Osrs?

Apple Pie heals up to 14 hit points (7 per bite).

How much does a kebab heal Osrs?

Unlike regular food, which restores a fixed amount of health, kebabs have varying amounts of healing when consumed. A player with 90-99 Health Points can expect to heal 11 Health on average, and heal for about 1 less Health for every 10 levels lower.

How much health does salmon heal Osrs?

Salmon is a food that requires a cooking level of 25 to be cooked. This grants 90 cooking experience. It heals 9 life points when eaten.

How much do monkfish heal RS?

Monkfish are member-only food that heals 1600 Health when consumed by players with Constitution level 64 or higher.

How much does shark heal?

Change the amount per hour you get here to update the numbers in the guide below. Sharks heal up to 20 hit points at a time, making them one of the most healing foods and one of the most popular in the game.

How much does manta ray heal?

Manta Rays heal 22 hit points in one serving and are considered one of the best foods in the game. They weigh less than Tuna Potatoes (0.5 kg) but more than Dark Crab (0.3 kg), both of which also heal 22 hit points in a single serving.

How much do monkfish heal Osrs?

Monkfish heal up to 16 hit points at a time, making them one of the most popular foods in the game.

How much health does Trout heal Osrs?

Eating trout heals 7 hit points. 10 trout are used during the Death Plateau quest to aid Tenzing in exchange for the map. Cooking trout will reward you with 70 cooking experience.

How much do anchovies heal Osrs?

Anchovies heal 1 hit point each and are used to make Anchovy Pizza.



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