How Many Petpets Are There?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

There are 493 unique pet species!

What are Petpets for Neopets?

In Neopia, even the Neopets have pets. They are called petpets and there are many different types. The player does not need to feed or care for the petpets, however, some petpets may eat items from the player’s inventory.

How do you name a petpet?

To do this, click your pet’s name in the yellow sidebar (or click Quick Ref). When this page loads, click on the petpet you want to name. A new page will appear and you can enter a name for your pet in the text field. Click the Rename button to update your petpet.

Can you remove Petpets?

Removing a pet

You can remove your pet in Quick Ref if you have decided it no longer suits your pet or you want a new one. Click the Stop Playing With [Petpet’s Name] button and the petpet will be returned to your inventory.

Can you get rid of a Neopet?

How do I get rid of a pet? You can disown your Neopet by going to Pet Central and clicking the Pound link. This is the big picture with Uni and Techo on it. Click Disown and then click the Neopet you wish to give up.

Can you zap a pile of soot?

Some people choose to complete the Petpet Lab map on their side accounts. You can zap any of your petpets with your daily zap, and you can zap the same petpet as many times as you like, even if it’s a bunch of soot!

What happened petpet Park?

On September 18, 2014 Neopets closed Petpet Park after it was purchased by JumpStart.

How do you give your Neopet a nickname?

Instead, we take part of his name and flip it. “Neopet” becomes “Tepeon”, from which we can derive the nickname “Tep”. It’s short, it’s concise, it’s easy to remember. We keep it!

How do you abandon a Neopet?

Visit the cancellation page at the Neopian Pound. This avatar was also available through the 2019 In A New Avatar Charity Corner benefit. You must click the button 5 times before your pet will leave.

How do I get Krawk petpet?

Can you paint painted Petpets?

Painting a petpet

You cannot paint petpets in your inventory. Visit the puddle, select the brush you want to use and click Paint this Petpet. Voila!

Where is quick ref Neopets?

To go to Quick Ref, click on “Pet Central” and then on “Quick Ref”, or simply click on your Neopet’s name in the yellow sidebar. If you have given a petpet to one of your pets, it will appear under your Neopet.

Where do they sell legendary critters in Neopets?

What killed Neopets?

Neopets has died a slow death over the last ten years. The game had a rough history: The original developers sold it to Viacom in 2005, which was then eventually sold to JumpStart in 2014. The result has been a massive turnover and radical restructuring of the people who make up the game’s development team.

How many Neopets can you have 2021?

You can currently have up to 20 Neopets per account: all accounts start with 6 pet slots.

How do you adopt a rare Neopets?

You’re welcome to adopt these homeless Neopets, but since rare species are very popular, you may have to be quick! However, your account must be at least four months old to adopt any of these pets (excluding Grundos). Younger accounts cannot see rare species in the pound at all.



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