How Many Neeks Are There in Prodigy?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 16, 2022

They appear in the five elements of Prodigy: fire, water, storm, earth and ice. (There are no magical neeks like in the star symbol, the party you belong to.) You can catch a neek, but it won’t stay a neek for long. Neeks have three bodies during evolution: Neek, Caller, and Creator.

What is Noot Prodigy?

Noot is a fairy guide and NPC in the game Prodigy.

Is there an ice Neek in Prodigy?

Ice Neek is a pet in Prodigy.

Is there a fire Neek in Prodigy?

Appearance. Flame Neek looks like an anthropomorphic baby candle with a tiny flame floating above her bright orange circle head and a yellow-orange face. It has a mischievous expression on its face. Its main colors are orange, yellow and white with small hands that are yellow.

How do you get Dragic in Prodigy?

Receipt. There is currently no way for the player to obtain Dragic. However, prior to June 5, 2019, the player could choose Dragic as their starting companion.

Who is Macha in Prodigy?

Macha is the owner of the Wandering Wares store. Wandering Wares is a store where the player can buy epic items like hats and wands that represent the epics.

How do you get Serrazig in Prodigy?

Serrazig evolves from Sprite, which you can get from Dive Dock or Secret Shore, where Sprite can be paired with a Flikflit. This pet can be found on the 15th floor of the Dark Tower.

How do you get Frostfang in Prodigy?

Frostfang has been made available to non-members through Catch in the Ice Tower.

Where can I find sproot in Prodigy?

In-game description

“Sproots are often found while playing in small bushes or the hollows of large trees.”

What does forest Neek evolve into?

Forest Neek is one of the monsters in Prodigy. Forest Neek evolves into Forest Caller, which evolves into Forest Creator. The same applies to all Neeks in Prodigy Math, the other types being Fire, Water, Storm and Ice.

How do you get the flyger in Prodigy 2021?

Where can I find Terrosaur in Prodigy?

Terrosaur is one of the skeletons in the Dyno Dig Museum. The player cannot find a terrosaur in the wild, it can only be purchased from Professor Scoog.

Is Luminex good in Prodigy?

The giant paws of a Luminex are incredibly powerful. They have been known to be able to pick up and throw trees up to 50 feet away.



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