How Many Books Do Dork Diaries Have?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 28, 2022

Dork Diaries (14 Book Series) Kindle Edition.

How many dork diary books are there 2021?

Dork Diaries 1 came out over 10 years ago and we are now at number 14! The latest book (Dork Diaries 15), I Love Paris! will be released in the UK on May 4, 2021. Dork Diaries fans won’t want to miss Rachel Renée Russell’s latest series – Max Crumbly, the new dork on the block!

Is there a Dork Diaries book 16?

Would you also like to vote for the cover of my book Dork Diaries Book 16 in the future? A) YES!

How many Dork Diaries books are there 2020?

Join Nikki Maxwell’s aDORKable world with the 12 books collection from the mega-selling DORK DIARIES series – now with over 45 million copies in print worldwide!

Is there a Dork Diaries book 15?

Dork Diaries 15. Nikki Maxwell explores the trials and triumphs of middle school in this fifteenth installment in The New York Times’ #1 best-selling series, The Dork Diaries! BUY YOUR COPY TODAY!

Is Nikki from Dork Diaries black?

Nikki Maxwell is Caucasian, Zoeysha Ebony Franklin is African American, and Chloe Christina Garcia is Latina,” says Rachel. “I wanted my readers to find themselves in my books. I also have characters that are Asian and Jewish, and one uses a wheelchair.”

Is Dork Diaries 15 Cancelled?

Books. NOTE: Book 15 was originally scheduled for release on October 13, 2020 but was later postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The book was scheduled for release on May 4, 2021, but was then pushed back to August 10, 2021 and then again to November 9, 2021.

Does Brandon have a crush on Nikki?

Brandon Roberts was one of the most popular students when he attended Westchester Country Day, which is why he is described as charming and handsome by Nikki Maxwell (Brandon’s love interest). But despite his popularity, he’s an introverted loner who enjoys spending time with his closest friends.

Is the author of Dork Diaries still alive?

Rachel Renée Russell (born March 13, 1959) is an American author of the Dork Diaries children’s book series and its spin-off The Misadventures of Max Crumbly.

What is Dork Diaries 15 going to be about?

Will Nikki FINALLY make it to Paris?! Or are she and her BFFs planning a Paris fundraiser to help her crush Brandon raise money for the Fuzzy Friends Animal Shelter? !

Is Dork Diaries a movie?

The 8th grade adventures of Nikki Maxwell are finally coming to the big screen as Summit Entertainment announces a new franchise based on Rachel Renee Russell’s popular Ya novel series, the Dork Diaries. No director has been chosen yet and casting is ongoing.

Is The Dork Diaries girl black?

She is revealed to be African American in the first book because Nikki said so.

What grade is Nikki Maxwell in?

Meet Nikki Maxwell! She’s starting in eighth grade at a new school – and her very first diary is packed with fun stories and artwork.

Will there be a Dork Diaries 17?

Release was originally announced for October 13, 2020, but was pushed back to May 4, 2021 and then again to August 10, 2021. To date, the release date is unknown.

Is The Dork Diaries series over?

The book is not quite finished yet, so it will probably be published in late autumn 2021.

Why was Dork Diaries Cancelled?

In February 2021, a video on the Dork Diaries YouTube channel revealed why the Dork Diaries film was not made. The reason for the discontinuation was COVID-19. And it was also revealed that a Hollywood film production company wanted to make a Dork Diaries film.

How old is Brianna Maxwell?

Personality. Brianna is a brutal and spoiled 6 year old. She is known for always getting her way. She, like many other young children, is gullible, naïve, and believes in things like the supernatural and anything anyone tells them.

What color is Nikki Maxwell’s hair?

Appearance. Nikki has green eyes and medium length brown hair that she usually wears in low braids.

What is Nikki Maxwell middle name?

Nicole Jullianne Maxwell is the main character and narrator of all Dork Diaries books and was briefly mentioned as “Brandon’s girlfriend” in The Misadventures of Max Crumbly. A self-proclaimed idiot, Nikki attends Westchester Country Day on a scholarship because her father is the school’s exterminator.

How old is MacKenzie from Dork Diaries?

MacKenzie is a spoiled 14 year old daughter of very wealthy parents. She didn’t pay any attention to Nikki, the main character in Dork Diaries, until she considered her a nuisance.



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