How Long Does Morphe Delivery Take?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 9, 2022

Is Morphe in the UK?

Morphe UK | Eyeshadow Palettes, Lip Colors, Makeup Brushes & More.

What is going on with Morphe?

Makeup brand Morphe is being slammed by consumers and influencers for remaining silent after a video by YouTube beauty guru James Charles accused him of having sexual interactions with underage fans via Snapchat .

How much is Morphe shipping to Canada?

Morphe Canada’s New Website

Standard Shipping is Free on orders over CAD$60 when you purchase direct from their website. Anything less than that will result in a flat shipping fee of $7.95, so you may want to place a larger order.

Does Morphe ship to Singapore?

The bad thing is, Morphe does not ship to Singapore, so you need to get a free US address for your order and ship to Singapore via a reliable parcel carrier.

Is Morphe shipping fast?

Consistently Good Auction Experience

I have purchased a number of items from Dan Morphy Auctions and have always found it a good experience to deal with. Your item descriptions are clear and accurate. Their payment process is quick and easy, shipping is fast and packaging is top notch.

Who delivers Morphe?

Why is Morphe problematic?

But last year, Morphe’s business relationship with Mr Charles ended after allegations that the influencer had sent sexual messages to underage boys emerged, the latest in a series of controversies for Morphe and its parent company Format brands.

Is Morphe a good brand?

Morphe comes across as a really shady brand that really doesn’t care about the quality of their products as long as they can make a quick buck. They use influencers to raise the prices significantly to obviously pay the beauty guru a nice sum, but the quality either stays the same or gets worse.

Why is Morphe Cancelled?

Morphe and James Charles have split after sexual misconduct allegations. Both parties have put an end to their partnership. Beauty brand Morphe and influencer James Charles have severed ties following allegations of sexual misconduct against James.

Can you return used makeup at Morphe?

You have 30 days (for in-store purchases) and 60 days (for online purchases) to report your damaged or defective items.

How do you get 20% off Morphe?

Get 20% off your first purchase of full price items with your Morphe newsletter subscription. Join the family today and let the rewards flow. Get an exclusive code for 20% off your first purchase of full price products when you sign up for the Morphe newsletter.

How fast does Sephora ship? offers 1-3 business days shipping as our default shipping option for all merchandise orders. However, due to delays related to demand and COVID-19, orders may experience delays. Standard business day shipping is FREE on orders over $50 (excluding tax) – no promo code needed.

Does Morphe have free shipping?

Free Standard Shipping on orders over $45

No coupon required. Shop eyeshadow palettes, lip colors, makeup brushes and more at Morphe and get free standard shipping on orders over $45. Offer will be added at checkout.

How much is Morphe shipping to Australia?

For all international orders, we offer a flat rate of $14.99 for standard international mail. We offer expedited shipping on all international orders for $34.99. Our express packages are sent with DHL, which means you should receive your items within 5-7 working days.

Does Morphe ship to India?

Does Morphe ship to India? No, Morphe does not ship to India, but I have developed a process to ship any Morphe order to India without any headaches. It involves the use of a parcel carrier: a warehouse in the United States that will take your Morphe order and forward it to you in India.

Does 2 day shipping mean it will arrive in 2 days?

2-day delivery means that shoppers will receive or purchase their orders within two days, provided they meet an order cut-off time. This means a period of 2 days between placing the order and the delivery date.

Is Morphe cruelty free?

“100% vegan*. Morphe is not tested on animals. We do not test our products or any of our ingredients on animals. In addition, all of the following products are completely vegan.”

Is Morphe available in Australia?

Buy Morphs | MECCA. Click & Collect is now available in all Australian stores!

Where does Morphe get their products from?

Morphe manufactures in China to reduce costs instead of creating jobs in the US. They have relied heavily on influencers to build brand awareness, who are happy to share their affiliate codes. I have no problem with codes; I had them too, but I can’t take a brand that relies on influencers seriously anymore.



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