How Long Does It Take for Kpopmart to Ship?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 27, 2022

I know it takes about 3-4 weeks but I have received items from Korea and China that arrived in about 2 weeks using the same Small Packet Air Mail.

How long does Kpoptown take to ship out?

It actually depends on your shipping option and circumstances. EMS and DHL usually only take 3-5 days to reach most countries. Small packages and K-packets take 2-4 weeks in most cases. Air packets take a similar length to K packets, but unlike K packets or small packets, they can carry more than two kilograms.

Does Kpopmart have tracking?

Shipping notification will be sent via email including tracking number as photos. Once the package has been dispatched, the customer can check the tracking number on the photo and track the shipment at any tracking location.

Is Kpopmart a trustworthy site?

Very trustworthy store, seriously. I would absolutely recommend this to anyone looking to find a good online store. I couldn’t be happier.

Is Kpopmart shipping expensive?

I was just trying to buy Treasure’s new album at Kpopmart, but the shipping cost is much higher than before. How double. It’s been a while since I bought an album but the last time I bought something the shipping price was around $12.

Does Kpopmart ship worldwide?

We deliver worldwide and to Sri Lanka.

Does Kpopmart ship to South Africa?

Shipping. Do you ship to my country? Of course we ship to almost all countries. But shipping to some African and Central American countries is restricted.

Where is KPOP Mart located?

KPOPMART. Located in South Korea, the origin of Kpop!

How do I contact Kpopmart?

Please email [email protected] if you have additional questions. We will strive to offer better prices and services in the future.

Does Kpopmart have preorder benefits?

What are the benefits of pre-ordering? Official poster in hard sleeve provided when pre-order album is purchased with unfolded poster option (the poster itself is free, but shipping costs are calculated separately for each poster during the checkout process).

Does KPOP USA ship fast?

If you choose standard shipping, USPS estimates your package will be delivered within 3 to 10 business days. If you choose Priority Shipping, USPS estimates your package to be delivered within 1-3 business days. If you choose First Class Shipping, USPS estimates your package to be delivered within 1-5 business days.

Is Kpop town real?

This website is a total scam. I recommend buying from ktown4u because it’s the most trusted site to shop from and I’ve always had good experiences with it.

Where can I buy kpop online?

Do Kpoptown albums come with Photocards?

The photo card is usually included with the first print only, but varies by album. We usually make this clear on the item page, so please check the item description for the album.

Is Choice Music LA still shipping?

Can I trust Ktown4u?

Recently we noticed that a fake online mall pretending to be Ktown4u has surfaced. Ktown4u does not operate any website other than the address below and always strives to ensure safe shopping for our customers. If you find any other fake websites, please let us know.



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