How High Should a Tetherball Be Off the Ground?

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The correct dimensions for a tetherball pole

Tetherball Pole
Tetherball is a game in which two players use their hands to hit a volleyball attached to a fixed metal post with a rope or tether is hung. The two players stand on opposite sides of the bar and each tries to hit the ball in one direction; one clockwise and one counterclockwise.

is 12 feet long and 2 3/8 inches in diameter. The tetherball pole needs to be installed 2ft in the ground with 10ft pole above the ground to play. Some youth model poles are set 8 feet off the ground to play with a shortened rope.

How long should the tether ball rope be?

The length of the tetherball rope must be 60 cm above the ground. The standard pole length for tetherball should be 10 feet off the ground. That means the average tetherball rope should be about 8 feet long.

Why did they get rid of tetherball?

Tether ball. When playing with this equipment, there was a high risk of the ball smashing your face or breaking your hands or fingers because you hit the pole instead of the ball. Due to the many complaints and restrictions, these devices have become extinct on most playgrounds.

What are the official rules of tetherball?


One player stands in each square. The server begins play by hitting the ball from his or her hand. His/her opponent may hit the ball at any time as it passes him/her; You have to try to hit the ball. As the ball moves, each player tries to hit it to wrap the ball around the pole.

How do you set up a tether ball?

  • Step 1: Paint the tires. Make sure your tire is clean and dry.
  • Step 2: Drill pipe for rebar.
  • Step 3: Prepare concrete.
  • Step 4: Add concrete and leveling rod.
  • Step 5: Add decorative stones.
  • Step 6: Insert eyebolt into cap piece.
  • Step 7: Hang ball.
  • Step 8: Play.

How high should a tether ball be?

The correct dimensions for a tetherball stick are 12 feet long with a diameter of 2 and 3/8 inches. The tetherball pole must be installed 2 feet into the ground with 10 feet of pole off the ground for play. Some youth model poles are set up 8 feet off the ground to play with a shortened rope.

What kind of rope is used for tetherball?

Tachikara T-Rope is a nylon tetherball attachment rope and measures 9.84 feet. The clip attaches to all standard retaining balls and rods.

Why do playgrounds not have swings anymore?

Swings on school grounds across the country are becoming rarer due to liability reasons and because school officials are looking for new ways to get students involved in activities with safe equipment.

What age is tetherball for?

Age 12 years and older.

Why is it called tetherball?

Tetherball was invented in Britain in 1875 and originally used a tennis ball with racquets, sometimes called tether tennis, rather than the larger tetherball we know today. The use of a volleyball attached to a rope to play tetherball began sometime after 1895 when volleyball was invented.

What is a foul in tetherball?

Standard tetherball fouls:

Hiting the ball with any part of your body other than your hands or forearms. Touch the rope with your hands or forearm. Touch the bar with any part of your body. It is not allowed to hit the ball more than once per wrap around the pole unless the ball touches the opponent or the pole.

Are you allowed to touch the rope in tetherball?

Using the rope, a player can launch the ball in a way that makes it difficult for opposing players to come back. For this reason, touching the rope is considered an illegal movement. Touching the tetherball stick is also illegal and will result in immediate game loss for the player who touched it.

Can you grab the rope in tetherball?

Tetherball Rules:

The ball may only be hit with the hand or forearm. Ball or rope cannot be held or caught. Players must remain within the play area.

How do I make a tetherball set in my backyard?

How do you secure a tetherball pole?

Drilling holes in the tetherball pole

In order to mount the tetherball to the top of the pole it is necessary to drill a hole in your galvanized steel tubing to hold an eyebolt. The eyebolt loop will be where the tetherball cord attaches to the pole.

How do I get better at tetherball?

  • Keep control of the ball to win the game.
  • Angle your shots to keep the ball out of your opponent’s reach.
  • Observe the opponent’s movements.
  • Adjust your position to prepare for the best shots.
  • Stay away from overpowered shots that could result in You lose control.
  • Keep your balls swinging.

Do adults play tetherball?

Because the cord is adjustable, children and adults of all ages can play.

Is there professional tetherball?

Tetherball remains an informal sport. Leagues are extremely rare and professional tetherball organizations currently do not exist.

What is the spinny thing on a playground called?

Playground spinners, also known as merry-go-rounds, merry-go-rounds, and merry-go-rounds, are spinning play equipment that rotates clockwise or counterclockwise.

What is the most popular playground equipment?


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