How Fast Will a TTR 250 Go?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 31, 2022

Top Speed ​​& Performance
Max Torque 14 ft-lb
Top speed 71 km/h
1/4 mile acceleration 15 sec
Tank range 90 miles
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How much horsepower does a TTR 250 have?

How much is a TTR 250?

Does Yamaha still make a TTR 250?

Yamaha TT-R250 has been discontinued. See all enduro bikes from Yamaha Motor.

Is a Yamaha TTR 230 a 2 stroke?

Is the TTR 250 reliable?

How many gears does a TT-R230?

5-speed manual transmission with single clutch actuation.

Is CRF230 better than TT-R230?

When it comes to picking a bike in the battle between the TTR230 and CRF230, price wise there is a clear winner. The Honda CRF230 is the winner in this battle because of its affordable price and features. Still a great bike, the TTR230 offers an accessible seat height and good braking performance.



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