How Fast Is a Mathews Z7 Bow?

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Bow Mathews Z7
Draw weight 40lbs – 70lbs
IBO speed 333 fps
Weight 4.0 pounds
discount 80%
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How fast is Mathews Z7?

With a strut height of 7 inches and an IBO speed rating of up to 332 fps, Mathews says his all-new single-cam Z7 is the ultimate combination of speed and accuracy.

Is Mathews Z7 Extreme a good bow?

What year is a Mathews Z7 bow?

Mathews founder Matt McPherson defines his 2010 flagship bug, the Z7, in one word – smooth.

How fast are Mathews bows?

Mathews puts the IBO speed at around 342 FPS (30 inches with a 350 grain arrow). My bow, set at 68 lbs with a measured draw length of 30 1/8 inches, fires a 448 grain finished Gold Tip Platinum Pierce arrow at 286 FPS. The bow is fast – within an FPS of the VXR 2020, which had an IBO of 343.

What are the fastest compound bows?

How much does a Z7 Extreme weigh?

Can you adjust draw length on Mathews Z7?

Draw lengths range from 25 to 30 inches in half inch increments. The Z7 draw length options are cam specific, meaning a new cam is required for each draw length offered. To make changing cams easier, Mathews upgrades the Z7 with its unique Quick Change Axle (QCA) feature.

How fast is a Mathews Heli M?

This new camera is the culmination of 20 years of Mathews innovation and is surprisingly easy to draw despite propelling arrows at an IBO speed of 332 feet per second! I say surprisingly, but in fact this kind of performance has become synonymous with Mathews.

Is Mathews Creed a good bow?

This bow is convincing in all areas. It is precise, quiet, vibration-free and a dream to draw and shoot. When it comes to getting the full draw on the Creed, I think everyone will find it amazing that a bow spitting arrows at 328fps IBO can be drawn back so smoothly.

How fast is a Mathews Solocam compound bow?

Mathews’ new Straightline DXT Solo Cam system is the driving force behind reported IBO speeds reaching 322 fps (Mathews DXT 2008 only, later mods are faster, see full Mathews DXT specifications).

What is reverse assist on a Mathews bow?

The Mathews Z7 features the new Reverse Assist Roller Guard which reduces friction and contributes to a smoother pull cycle. This reel guard is designed to reduce tension on the cables and reels when the bow is fully drawn.

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