How Fast Does a CBR 954 Go?

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Honda CBR954RR acceleration
Honda CBR954RR top speed and acceleration
speed time
SS/KM 19.17 at 164mph
SS/mile 27.21 @ 169mph
Top speed 172 km/h
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What is the top speed of a Honda 954?

Is the CBR 954 a superbike?

announced the launch of the new supersport large displacement CBR954RR. This new model combines advanced Honda technology and a 1000cc class engine in a frame that is as compact and light as a 600cc motorcycle for ultimate riding pleasure.

How many cc is a Honda CBR 954?

How good is the CBR954RR?

Honda’s CBR954RR offers an exquisite balance of power and weight that’s amazingly accurate in the steering department, and remains one of the most underrated sportbikes of the last decade. Though lost in the shadow of Suzuki’s first generation GSX-R1000, the 954 was and still is a scalpel-sharp street tool.

What is the best Honda FireBlade ever made?

Honda’s 2002 FireBlade, or the 954 Blade as it’s affectionately known, is the best Blade ever made – fact.

Is a FireBlade comfortable?

They have plenty of power, precise handling and are more comfortable than most modern race bikes. If you have the opportunity to ride a ’90s FireBlade, not only will you ride a piece of history, you’ll see that vintage bikes have stood the test of time – provided you ride one that’s been well maintained.

How much horsepower does a CBR900RR have?

[1993] The CBR900RR made its way to the US as a 1993 model and was a major leap in sportbike performance at the time. Our original test bike made about 114 horsepower and weighed just 457 pounds, a strong combination. The quarter mile time was 10.48 seconds and the top speed was 260 km/h.

What years did Honda make the 929RR?

In 2000, Honda introduced the fifth generation of the Fireblade series: the CBR 929RR. Its all-new 929cc engine featured fuel injection and larger valves than previous Fireblade incarnations.

How much horsepower does a CBR1000RR have?

The CBR1000RR has always been the gold standard when it comes to 1000cc sportbikes. It offers the perfect sporty driving experience without drifting too far into the “My motorbike is charged and delivers 217 hp from the factory”.



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