How Does the Queue Work on Tumblr?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 30, 2022

With the Tumblr queue automatically publish your posts multiple times a day at specific times. This technique helps keep your blog active even when you’re sleeping or otherwise busy, and ensures your visitors see a regular stream of activity.

Why do people tag queue on Tumblr?

#Queue means this is a post that will be automatically posted from your post queue. It’s not strictly a required tag – it’s more to let people know that the person may not be actively online when the post goes live.

How do I make my queue faster on Tumblr?

Tap the gear icon in the top right corner. Tap General Settings (iOS) or Account Settings (Android). Scroll down to the Account section and tap Labs. Check the “Enable Tumblr Labs” option, then check the “Fast Queue” option.

How many posts can you have in your Tumblr queue?

Officially, your Tumblr queue can store a total of 300 posts at a rate of 50 posts per day.

Can you shuffle your queue on Tumblr?

You can now shuffle your queue by going to the queue page for your blog on the web. You can also shuffle and rearrange your queue through the API.

How do I delete my queue on Tumblr?

Click the Queue tab to see all the posts you’ve queued for the blog. Tumblr allows you to save up to 300 posts at a time. Click the gear icon on the post you want to remove and select “Delete” from the pop-up menu that appears to delete it from your queue.

How many drafts can you have on Tumblr?

What you can do – Note that if you’ve somehow exceeded the 250 limit but your queue is still running, you’ll lose the remaining posts scheduled for the day. Instead of trying to break the queue limit, you can save your posts as drafts. Once your queue count is below the limit again, you can move those drafts to the queue.

What is fast queue on Tumblr?

Fast Reblogging and Queuing

To quickly reblog or queue a post without adding a comment, you can use the post form with fast reblogging or faster Skip the queue: In the apps , tap and hold the reblog button and your blog avatars will appear. Drag your finger over one of them to choose which blog to reblog to.

How do I use queue plus?

What is the best time to post on Tumblr?

To maximize your impact, do your best to post mostly at night. According to bitly , the best time to post on Tumblr is between 7pm and 7pm. and 10pm EST Mondays through Thursdays, not all times on Sundays.

How often should I post on Tumblr?

Post multiple times a day

Like Twitter, Tumblr is a fast-moving environment. It’s perfectly acceptable to post more than once a day – as long as your content is relevant and meaningful.

How many tags should I use on Tumblr?

There are no limits on how many hashtags you can use on Tumblr, but only the first five hashtags you use are searchable. Your update will only appear in the search results if it’s an original, not a reblog. So don’t add tags when doing a reblog.

How do you shuffle queue on Tumblr app?

Click the queue button in your sidebar. Click the shuffle button repeatedly until you are satisfied with the result. Have fun.

How do I rearrange posts on Tumblr?

How do I see my scheduled posts on Tumblr?

To access your scheduled posts: On the web, click the account menu (the human icon at the top of the screen), hover over the blog whose queue you want to see, click the little guy with three dashes that appears and click “Queue.”



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