How Does Puriclean Instant Max Cleanser Work?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 30, 2022

Puriclean Instant MAX Cleanser is scientifically formulated with a proprietary Chlorosillic blend to be up to 5 times stronger and faster to work than any other pre-mixed liquid or capsule. As soon as a product is mixed with a liquid, the active ingredients begin to break down and become a little less effective every day.

What does Puriclean instant Max cleanser do?

Our detox cleansing powder is made with natural ingredients that are 100% safe and effective. This formula is designed to help the body eliminate impurities and waste that build up in our systems over time. Get maximum strength instantly with Puriclean.

When should I drink Puriclean instant?

Drink this about 2 hours before the test. Wait 15 minutes, then fill up with water and drink it all! Drink water until the test.

How do you use Puriclean instant cleanser?

Instructions for use: Shake well and drink the entire contents of the herbal cleansing juice pack, followed by plenty of water. Urinate frequently to allow the body to get rid of all impurities for a quick and optimal cleansing.

How do you use Puriclean instant Max cleanser release gels?

How to use: Just take the 2 cleaning pills and fill the 32 oz. plastic bottle with water. Drink the entire contents and follow with plenty of water Water all day.

How do you use Puriclean x5?

How to use: For the 16oz quick flush, fill the included bottle with water and take the included 4 capsules. For the 5-day cleanse, fill the bottle with water and take 2 of the included green & Yellow capsules 2 times a day for 5 days. drinking water & urinate frequently for a quick cleansing.



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