How Does an Iclicker Work?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 1, 2022

iClicker Cloud uses GPS technology to confirm student locations when they “check in” to class. Just set the location and time of your class and let iClicker Cloud do the rest. Students will be reminded to log in at the beginning of the lesson. An attendance report is generated automatically.

How do you use an iClicker?

How does iClicker work for students?

iClicker is an interactive classroom response system that allows students to take polls and answer questions during class. Students can respond with a physical iClicker remote or their mobile device using the student iClicker app (if enabled). iClicker offers two options for providing polls in your classroom.

Can you use an iClicker remote from home?

A: Yes. iClicker Cloud supports the use of mobile devices and laptops in your class. iClicker Cloud allows students to participate using mobile devices and laptops by default. If you are using iClicker Classic, you must enable mobile and laptop use in your course settings.

Do I have to be in class to use iClicker?

You do not need to purchase access to the iClicker student app if you are only using an iClicker remote to attend class. Instead, you just need to add your Remote ID number to the profile section of your iClicker account.

Why do professors use iClicker?

“If you want to turn a one-page lecture into a two-way dialogue, iClicker is the tool for you.” “iClicker is easy to use and encourages student engagement – you can’t be passive when a question is asked, you have to think about the question and answer.”

Can I use iClicker on my phone?

iClicker REEF works with your mobile device (iOS or Android) or can be accessed via a web browser so you can take surveys in class. To participate with iClicker REEF you must have an active subscription.

Do I need a remote for iClicker?

Q: Do I need an iClicker base if my students use mobile devices or laptops? On a. You don’t need an iClicker base if all your students are using mobile devices or laptops and you’re not using the iClicker teacher remote.

How do I answer an iClicker question?

This question type allows instructors to ask questions simply by sending an image to students. Students answer the questions by clicking or tapping on the correct spot on the image with their laptops or smart devices.

Does iClicker cost money?

There is no additional fee for participating in iClicker activities in Achieve courses.

Can you use iClicker on Zoom?

Being able to continue using iClicker through the app has allowed us to continue teaching the course the way we envisioned.” iClicker [mobile] app part. The conversion went absolutely smoothly.

How far away can you use iClicker?

iClicker instructor remotes work up to 300 feet away and are not affected by poor Wi-Fi connectivity.

How far away does the iClicker app work?

What is the range of the iClicker base and remotes?‚Äč Base to remote range is 200-300 feet.

How do I get an iClicker for free?

Creating an iClicker student account is free. After creating an account, students have a 14-day free trial period to use the iClicker app for students to attend classes.

How do I connect my iClicker to my class?



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