How Do You Win Capsim Comp on Xm?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 16, 2022

What is comp-XM Capsim?

The Comp-XM Competency Assessment can help provide the data needed to validate learning initiatives. At Comp-XM, each participant runs a simulated company for four simulated years. Each year, participants can take a short exam with questions and answers tailored to their situation.

How does Comp-XM work?

Welcome to Comp-XM®, an integrated assessment tool to demonstrate your business skills. Comp-XM consists of two sections: 1. A business simulation similar to the one you just completed, and 2. A series of quizzes, called Board Queries, asking questions about your simulation environment.

How is comp-XM graded?

Scoring is done in two parts, the results of your mini-quiz and the results of your simulation, which are scored using a Balanced Scorecard. If they were planned in your previous simulation, your Comp-XM Basix simulation uses the Human Resources and TQM (Total Quality Management)/Sustainability modules.

What is the best strategy to use in Capsim?

To keep your business profitable, you want high profit margins. If you’re sitting on cash, try to pay dividends to shareholders. But make sure you only pay dividends after you’ve made a profit; Dividends must be less than earnings per share.

How do you increase your leverage?

You can thus use margin to leverage and increase your buying power by the marginable amount – for example, if the collateral required to buy $10,000 worth of securities is $1,000, you would have a 1:10 margin ratio (and 10x leverage).

Is Comp XM exam proctored?

Capsim’s partnership with Proctorio offers a comprehensive monitoring solution right inside Comp-XM – at no additional cost to you. With automated integration, instructors can: Validate that their students are the ones taking the exam. Make sure no one else is helping you complete the exam.

How do you forecast in Capsim?

How is production calculated in Capsim?

How much should I spend on recruiting in Capsim?

How is Capsim graded?

The analyst report rates each company in ten management performance categories. Each category is worth 100 points, for a possible total of 1000 points per round; The total score for an 8 round simulation is 8000 points. To see how a category rating was determined, select a category from the selection box.

How do you increase productivity index in Capsim?



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