How Do You Use Receding in a Sentence?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 16, 2022

What is a good sentence for receding?

1. His fine dark hair receded a little. 2. She watched his receding form.

How do you use a recede in a simple sentence?

What is an example of receding?

Going back means decreasing or going back. An example of a decline is when your hairline moves back along your head when you go bald. An example of withdrawal is when your feelings of grief or sadness gradually disappear after a loss. Leave or resign from a previous position.

Can a person recede?

One often finds the adjective that describes the hair of a man who is gradually going bald receding: “He’s a tall guy with a receding hairline and glasses.” As a noun, to recede means a quality or act of disappearing or fading.

What do you mean by receding?

1a : move backwards or away : retract a receding hairline. b : inclined backwards. 2 : grow less or decrease : lose weight, reduce a declining deficit.

What is the synonym of receding?

Some common synonyms for resign are return, retire, and retire.

What part of speech is recede?

Verb (used with object), re ced ed, re ced ing.

What does the word receding meaning in the context of the passage?

go or move away; Retreat; go to or to a more distant point; withdraw.

Which is the closest antonym for the word recede?

How do you tell if you are receding?

What is the root word of receding?

From Middle French receder, from Latin recedere (“to retire; to go back”), from re- + cedere (“to go”).

Is my hairline receding?

The fact that your hairline is relatively high or V-shaped does not necessarily mean that it is receding gradually. Instead, a receding hairline is more about the movement of your hairline. If you keep losing hair and your hairline moves up, it recedes.

What does the ocean receding mean?

As the tide rises, the water moves towards the shore. This is called a tide current. As the tide recedes, the water moves away from the shore. This is called an ebb current.

What is the noun form of recede?

Recession. The act or instance of resignation or withdrawal.

What is meant by receding hairline?

/rɪˌsiː.dɪŋ ˈher.laɪn/ When a man has a receding hairline, he loses the hair on the front of his head. Hair. a full, good, thick, etc. head of hair.

What is a receding tide called?

When the tide recedes, the water moves away from the shore. This is known as ebb current.



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