How Do You Use Dawdle in a Sentence?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 27, 2022

What is a good sentence for dawdle?

2. The teacher told the students not to waste their time. 3. The boss told the workers not to waste their time.

What does dawdle mean sentence?

Definition of dawdle

intransitive verb 1 : time to do nothing … dawdle in the hallway … – Jane Austen. 2 : move carelessly “I don’t want you to dally while making deliveries for wife.”

Is Dawdly a word?

verb (used without object), dawdled, dawdled. Wasting time; Neutral; Small thing; hanging around: stop dawdling and help me with these packages! move slowly, sluggishly, or hesitantly; stroll. Verb (used with object), dawdled, dawdled.

What is the sentence of enraptured?

How to use enraptured in a sentence. Jessi listened, enraptured by the story. Natasha knew with certainty that he was smitten with her. Denisov looked at her with delighted eyes.

Is dawdle informal?

1. Wasting time pottery, lugging, limping, loafing, loitering, hanging around, dawdling, loitering, dawdling (informal), dragging your feet or heels, dawdling arm in arm along the storefronts. 2.

What does dawdle mean synonym?

Some common synonyms for dawdle are dally, delay, procrastinate, linger, and procrastinate. While all of these words mean “to move or act slowly in order to fall behind,” loitering and dawdling imply a delay in progression, especially walking, but dawdling more clearly suggests an aimless waste of time.

What does dont dawdle mean?

One way to remember the meaning of dawdle is that it rhymes with “waddle,” as in “a duck waddles.” Imagine what would happen if you waddled instead of walked. It would take a lot more time, and your companion might say, “Don’t dally!” Dawdle not only implies taking extra time, but actually wasting it.

What part of speech is dawdle?

verb (used without object), dawdled, dawdled. Wasting time; Neutral; Small thing; hanging around: stop dawdling and help me with these packages!

What are dawdlers?

someone who moves slowly or slower than others. we encouraged the dawdlers to pick up the pace.

Where did the term dawdle come from?

First attested around 1656; perhaps a variant of daddle (‘to stagger’) influenced by daw (a species of bird, hence a ‘simple fool’). Not in common use until about 1775. Alternatively, perhaps borrowed from Middle Low German dȫdelen (“dabble”), related to the Sater Frisian döädelje (“dabble”).

What does being haughty mean?

Definition of haughty

: overtly and contemptuously proud : having or displaying an attitude of superiority and contempt for people or things perceived as inferior haughty aristocrats haughty young beauty …

How can I speed up my toddler who loves to dawdle?

Instead of asking her to change, you can actually schedule her stroll. If you are in a hurry, apologize for the rush and plead your case. Say, “We have to get to the store before the store closes, so I need your help this afternoon,” and immediately distract her by telling her a story while you pack her things.

What does enraptured mean?

transitive verb. : to fill with joy.

Is Enrapturement a word?

To fill with delight or delight. en rap′ture ment n.

How do you use contrite in a sentence?

What does exorbitantly mean?

Adjective. exceeding the limits of custom, decency or common sense, particularly in amount or scope; highly exaggerated: asking an exorbitant price; exorbitant luxury.

What is another word for wasting time?

On this page you can discover 26 synonyms, antonyms, idioms and related words for wasting time, like: procrastinate, lollygag, fritter away time, loiter, pass-the-time, dawdle, dillydally, delay, screw up, bump and lose time.

What is the meaning of word glowering?

: Looking or glaring at you with sullen anger or anger, scowling at the noisy children in the library.

What is defiants?

Definition of defiant

: full of or showing a propensity to challenge, resist or fight : full of or showing defiance : brave, unashamed defiant rebels a defiant refusal Mantor struck to a defiant pose, his chin jutting out, and rocking on the heels of his boots for a moment.—



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