How Do You Use Appall in a Sentence?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 15, 2022

The thought of breaking a contract would horrify a person of this nature. I was absolutely horrified by the whole thing. Although he is horrified by this, no one tries to stop him. It both moved and horrified me, and I just couldn’t get the images out of my head.

How do you use the word appall in a sentence?

The thought of war horrifies me. It horrifies me to think of how these children were treated.

Is it appal or appall?

For the verb that primarily means dismay or shock, Appal is the standard spelling outside of North America. Appall is standard in the US and Canada.

What does appall mean in the dictionary?

Definition of horror

verb (used with object) to fill or overwhelm with terror, dismay or fear; Dismay: He was appalled by the fire damage. I am appalled at your mistakes.

What type of word is appall?

Fright is shock and disgust. Appall comes from an Old French word meaning “to make pale”. If a gory scene in a movie horrifies you, chances are you’ll pale. The word horror always carries the feeling of disgust.

What is the synonym of appall?

Some common synonyms for horror are intimidate, dismay, and terror. While all of these words mean “to unsettle or deter by arousing fear, apprehension, or dislike,” horror implies confronting something that upsets, confuses, or shocks. I am appalled by your behavior.

Can appall be a noun?

terrifying used as a noun:

The effect of the verb to horrify/terrify.

What are antonyms for appall?

Is Multitudinously a word?

adj. 1. Very numerous; available in large numbers.

How do you spell I’m appalled?

horrified Add to list Share. Horrified is an adjective that describes feeling shocked and disappointed.

What’s a synonym for Shocked?

amazed amazed surprised. (also surprised), Thunderstruck.

What part of speech is paranoid?

Paranoid is an adjective used to describe someone suffering from the mental disorder paranoia, which is characterized by delusions and feelings of extreme distrust, distrust, and aimlessness.

How do you spell Pellmell?

Pell-mell (usually hyphenated, but sometimes spelled pellmell) functions as (1) an adverb meaning confused or reckless, and (2) an adjective meaning confused or disorderly in action . The English word comes from the French pêle-mêle.

What does it mean to appease someone?

transitive verb 1 : pacify, reconcile especially : making concessions to (someone, such as an aggressor or a critic), often at the expense of principles appeased the dictator by accepting his demands pacifier Those who strive to appease others to keep the peace fear being hurt in some way. — Mike Cote.

How do you use skin of your teeth in a sentence?

Only close, very close, as in Doug narrowly passed the exam. A related term appears in the Bible (Job 19:20), where Job says, “I escaped with the skin of my teeth,” which presumably means he escaped with nothing.

What does cautiousness mean?

cautious, prudent, vigilant, cautious means cautiously alert and discreet in the face of danger or risk. Caution implies anticipatory action, usually prompted by fear of danger.



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