How Do You Use Antipathy in a Sentence?

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Which sentence uses the word antipathy correctly?

Use “antipathy” in a sentence | Example sentences for “antipathy”. (1) They dislike each other. (2) She didn’t dislike younger women.

Is antipathy a positive or negative word?

Antipathy is a strong feeling of dislike or hostility toward someone or something. There is antipathy between the villages.

How do you use antithesis in a sentence?

How do you use applicable in a sentence?

1) This rule does not apply to youth. 2) The rules now apply equally to all members. 3) The offer is only valid for double room bookings. 4) The law applies to everyone.

How do you use the word diffident in a sentence?

How do you use banal in a sentence?

What does antipathy mean example?

Definition of antipathy

1 : a strong feeling of dislike an antipathy to taxes a deep antipathy between groups. 2 : something not liked : an object of dislike … perhaps his greatest antipathies were taxis, old women, doors that would not close … – Charles Dickens.

How do you say the word antipathy?

What is the opposite in meaning of antipathy?

‘Antipathy’ is a strong feeling of dislike. So the opposite of this word is ‘Fondness‘, option A, meaning a fondness or affection for someone.

What is the difference between apathy and antipathy?

Antipathy: deep-seated hatred of something or someone. Jim’s dislike of Tottenham Hotspur stems from being a third-generation Arsenal supporter. 2. Apathy: lack of interest or concern.

What is physical antipathy?

Antipathy: A deep-seated feeling of dislike; Dislike. 7.

How do you use juxtaposition in a sentence?

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