How Do You Turn on the Door Chime on a DSC Alarm?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 16, 2022

To turn on the doorbell, press and hold the bell button on the keypad for 2 seconds. You can also press. To turn off the sound, press the same keys again.

How do I turn on the chime on my DSC alarm?

How do I turn on chime?

From the main screen, select Settings. Press the “Chime” button, located below the volume bar and to the left of the “Clean” button. If the button has a blue background, the gong is switched on. If it has a white background, the sound is off.

How do I change the chime on my DSC keypad?

How do I turn off the door chime?

Unscrew both screws that control the electromagnet. Do not remove them completely. Disconnect the two wires from the screws . This will disable the bell mechanism.

How do I get the chime back on my alarm?

How do I turn off the chime on my door alarm?

How do I make my ADT alarm chime when I open the door?


Pressing the READY [*] key displays the open protection points. Note that bell mode can only be activated when the system is disarmed. 1. To turn on Gong mode, enter the security code and press the GONG [9].


What is chime mode on alarm?

A chime refers to an audible sound that a security panel and/or keypad produces when certain types of system zones are activated. The tone is also generated when the control panel is in the disarmed state.

How do I turn off the chime on my ADT door?

Basic door chimes use the “*” and “4” keyboard functions when trying to turn off the chime. When notified, press the “Gong” button for about 3 to 5 seconds. After that, close the door. That’s it!

How do I turn off the beep on my DSC alarm?

How do I silence DSC?

How do you set a door alarm?

Why is my ADT door chime not working?

ADT alarm doorbells usually stop working when their battery power is low or they are interrupted by a power outage. A low battery issue is indicated by a beep from your ADT touchpad. The door chime can sometimes be restored using the reset function.

Why is my ADT doorbell chiming?

Most systems will start beeping or chirping when all power fails or the system’s backup battery fails to charge. On many of our most popular systems, audible alarms and low battery warning tones can be silenced by pressing the [OFF] or [#] keys on the keypad.



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