How Do You See Your Mutual Followers on Tumblr?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 21, 2022

Find common followers now go to & Anyone who has a “√” next to their name means they are following back or reciprocal!

Can you see other people’s followers on Tumblr?

Tumblr differs from other social media platforms in many ways. One is not being able to see other people’s followers or know how many followers a person has. There is no easy way to find out the number of followers on a specific Tumblr blog, whether it’s a public or private blog.

Where can you see who follows you on Tumblr?

To view this list on the web, click on the account menu (the little human), then scroll down and select “Followers”. In the app, tap on the account icon (the little human), then tap the gear icon to view your settings. Tap on “Followers” to see the full list of your blog’s followers.

How do you see how long you’ve been mutuals on Tumblr?

The mutual icon in side blogs is based on data from Tumblr’s messaging system, which used to say side blogs run by mutuals are also mutuals – if you start a chat or revisit you might notice that the message box does this Tell how long you’ve been following the blog, or how long they’ve been following you, or how long you’ve been…

How can I see someone’s following list?

In your browser, tap the 3 dots in the top right & select the Desktop Site option. Now go to the profile of the person whose current following you want to know. & Tap the follower’s tab. Then you can see who someone’s recent Instagram followers are.

Why does Tumblr not show all followers?

Any idea what the invisible followers are? Any account whose primary blog has been unsubscribed can continue to follow you, which will increase your follower count. However, since Tumblr accounts are displayed from their primary blog and Tumblr hides blogs that have ended, you won’t see them in your followers list.

Can you tell if someone follows you on Tumblr?

Followers list. Your Tumblr dashboard will show a current follower count. This count includes all your followers, including those you’ve ignored; Clicking this will bring up a full list of followers, including usernames and avatars, and a “Follow” button for each follower you’re not following.

How do you get rid of ghost followers on Tumblr?

On Tumblr you cannot remove followers; Your followers must unfollow you on their own. However, you can ignore people to prevent them from seeing your posts on their dashboard and contacting you. You can also report users for spam or harassment if you block them.

Who is not following me back Tumblr?

Tumblr Stalkr is a follower checker/tracker that helps you find out who hasn’t followed you, who isn’t following you back, and who you’re not following back. You can instantly unfollow people who unfollow you or who don’t follow you directly from Stalkr.

What does green dot on Tumblr mean?

👆 This dot shows you when someone has been on Tumblr recently.

How can I see my mutual followers on Instagram?

Open the Instagram app and tap the Explore icon at the bottom. Find the profile you want to see the shared followers with. You’ll see your shared followers just below the person’s bio. Tap to open the Shared Followers tab.

How can I see my Tumblr stats?

Use a web-based stats generator like Type your Tumblr username in the field at the top of the page and press “Enter”. The resulting page shows statistics about how often you post and what post types you use most.



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