How Do You Sav a Thread?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 8, 2022

Note: A thread can be saved as a draft by tapping the delete icon. Draft threads can be distinguished from a single draft tweet by specifying the number of tweets in your thread . Tap View (number of) tweets to review and/or edit your drafts before tweeting.

How do you save a tweet thread?

To bookmark a tweet, tap the share icon below the tweet and select Bookmark Tweet. To find it later, tap “Bookmarks” in your profile icon menu. You can remove tweets from your bookmarks at any time. Also, only you can see what you’ve bookmarked.

How do you save a thread draft on desktop?

Start a new thread. Tap Cancel in the top left. Select Save Draft. Your draft stays at the top of the channel you created it in, with the label Draft.

How do you continue a thread?

How do you roll a Twitter thread?

If you’ve ever started following a Twitter thread only to find that there are just way too many tweets, simply reply “@threadreaderapp unroll” to any tweet from the original poster b>. When the bot is done putting the tweets together, it tweets you back with a link to a post that put them all together in one place.

How do I retweet a whole thread?

How do I retweet a thread? If you want to retweet a thread that is a tweet with all replies, select View this thread at the bottom of the tweet. Then select the retweet arrows to retweet the entire thread.

Where are my saved draft tweets?

To access your saved drafts, go to your profile and select the overflow icon then Drafts. You can also access your drafts by selecting the Creator box and then selecting Drafts in the box. You will only see the draft prompt if you have saved at least one draft.

Where do I find saved tweets?

How do I find my draft messages?

From the home screen, tap and then find and tap Messages. Tap a draft message, then edit the message. Tip: To see all your draft messages in one place, tap , then Filter > Drafts. Tap .

How do you create a thread?

How many tweets can be in a thread?

Twitter gives you the ability to add up to 25 tweets in a single thread. And every tweet in this thread can contain images, GIFs, polls, etc. just like a standard tweet. It’s a great way to expand a conversation, and it can even help older tweets get noticed if you later create a thread from one.

How do I make a thread on discord?

On the Discord mobile app:

Tap the plus icon at the bottom of the conversation, to the left of the message field. Once the options appear on your screen, click the Threads icon in the bottom right. Add the thread name and send a message to start a new thread in the channel.



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