How Do You Quick Reblog on Tumblr on a Mac?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 28, 2022

Just press and hold alt key

Alt Key
The Alt key Alt (pronounced /ˈɔːlt/ or /ˈʌlt/) on a computer keyboard is used to change the function of other pressed keys (alternate ). Therefore, the Alt key is a modifier key that is used similarly to the Shift key.

+ click the reblog button for windows or hold cmd and click the reblog button for Mac. Once the button is highlighted in green, the post has been successfully reblogged!

How do you reblog fast on Tumblr on a Mac?

  • Hold the reblog button in the apps and your blog avatars will appear. Swipe your finger over one of them to choose which blog to reblog to.
  • On the web, you need to use keyboard shortcuts. To use quick reblogging, press and hold E, and to use quick queue, press and hold W.

How do I reblog on Tumblr shortcut?

Press Alt-R to reblog the post. The post will appear immediately on your timeline.

How do you reblog on Tumblr?

To reblog, first make sure you’re logged into Tumblr. Once you’ve done that, just look at the bottom right corner of that post on the dashboard (or the top right corner of a blog post’s permalink page) and you’ll see the reblog button – two arrows forming a rectangle. Strike.

How do you skip to the next post on Tumblr?

Scroll down

Using the scroll wheel or trackpad is annoying when moving between posts on your dashboard. Instead, press J to advance one post at a time. No more missing out on cool one-liners just because you scrolled a little faster.

Where is the Alt key on Mac?

Alt key. On North American Mac keyboards, a key on the bottom row is labeled both Alt and Option. This is the closest thing to the Windows Alt key that the Mac offers.

How do you cut posts on Tumblr Mobile 2021?

To change your post’s settings (just like you would change a post to draft or queued), simply click the settings wheel in the bottom-right corner of your screen and scroll until you find the EDITOR option , and just change that bad boy to markdown. Click the back arrow and just start typing!

How do you Alt reblog on a Mac?

Just hold Alt and click the reblog button for Windows or hold cmd and click the reblog button for Mac. Once the button is highlighted in green, the post has been successfully reblogged!

Can’t reblog a post on Tumblr?

This means you can’t reblog their content because your blog was secretly flagged as NSFW AND they flipped that switch.

How do I queue posts on Tumblr using keyboard?

To quickly queue a post in a web browser, press the w key on your keyboard, hover* over the reblog icon and select the blog you are posting to want. *If you only have one blog in your account, or if you know you want to queue the post to your primary blog, simply click the reblog button while holding the w key.

Is there a way to delete all Tumblr posts?

  • Click the account icon ( ), then select your blog.
  • Select Mass Post Editor from the menu on the right.
  • Click Click on the posts you want to delete.
  • Click the “Delete” button in the upper right corner.
  • Confirm the deletion of the post by clicking “Ok.” click.

Is reblogging like retweeting?

Reblogging (or retweeting in Twitter parlance) is the mechanism in blogging that allows users to repost the content of another user’s post, while acknowledging that the post’s source is another user.

Do I have to reblog on Tumblr?

Not. Occasionally, users respond to a post by adding additional information in a comment. Sometimes reblogs are created because of the comments. If you still insist on not including the comments, you can go to the original post and reblog it from there.

How do you go to a certain date on Tumblr dashboard?

11) Find posts from a specific date in any blog

Travel back in time by entering the URL [username]. day/[ enter year]/[month]/[day].

How do you use Chrono on Tumblr?

By simply adding /chrono to a tag’s URL, the entire tag can be read from the beginning. From my experience I believe the tag gets cut off at around or a little over 390 posts, which in my case is 26 pages since I have 15 posts per page.

How do you add a queue on Tumblr?

  • On the web, when creating a new post, click the arrow next to “Post” and select “Add to Queue” from the menu. Then click Queue.
  • On mobile, when creating a new post, tap the meatball menu (●●●) and choose Add to Queue from the menu. Then tap Queue.


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