How Do You Open the Briefcase in Resident Evil Zero?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 13, 2022

The briefcase is in the conductor’s room. It must be combined with the Silver Ring and Gold Ring to open.

How do you open the jewelry box in Resident Evil Zero?

More notes. Another jewelry box is present in Resident Evil. This is located in the Spencer Estate Theater and contains a brooch. To open it you need a red gem.

Where is the silver ring Resident Evil Zero?

Location. This ring is located in the jewelry box in Private Room B, First Class.

How do you get out of the locked room in Resident Evil 0?

Take the ice pick, go back the way you came and you’ll face your first boss: a giant scorpion. After you finish him, go back to the service elevator and give the ice pick to Rebecca. She can now use the ice pick to get out of the room.

How do I exchange re0 items?

If your partner character is nearby, you can exchange items on the status screen. Select the item from the main character’s item box and choose the Swap command.

How do you open a Bejeweled Box?

What is the red jewel used for?

The Red Jewel is used to unlock the Bejeweled Box and get the S.T.A.R.S. Badge (USB Dongle Key).

Should I sell the Azure Eye?

The Azure Eye Ring is a valuable treasure that can sell to the Duke for a profit, but you must find both pieces of it before it’s worth real money. You can find the silver ring fairly easily in Castle Dimitrescu, but it’s clearly missing a second part.

Should you sell the Silver Ring re8?

Once you have the Azureeye Ring, you should take it to the vendor. It is very valuable and should be sold for a considerable lei. This is the only use for the item so make sure you sell it. That’s all you need to know about the silver ring in Resident Evil Village.

Do you need the hookshot in Resident Evil 0?

The hookshot is a key element in Resident Evil 0. It is used for lifting up to 80 kg. The hook is fired from the weapon-like contraption that gets stuck higher (e.g. a window). This allows one person to climb up the rope.

Is there an item box in Resident Evil 0?

That doesn’t mean that everything related to inventory and item management is good. Inexplicably, Resident Evil 0 doesn’t have any item boxes, an element of the series that was well established by this point and allowed you to put items in one location’s box and pick them up in another area, the one box had.

How do you give Rebecca the knife in Resident Evil 0?

How do you get the book of evil in Resident Evil 0?

Location. The book is located in the Principal’s Office on Level 2F of the Umbrella Executive Training School.

How do I equip re0 costumes?

What you need to do for this go into your character’s inventory and highlight the character’s personal item. For Billy it would be his lighter and for Rebecca her mix set. Click on the personal item and press the “Swap” command. This allows you to exchange your personal item for a suitcase.

Where is the ice pick in Resident Evil Zero?

The item is located in the third wagon passage on a trolley.

How do you get a Club Key?

Where is the Club Key?

The Club Key is only included in Leon’s walkthrough (the Heart Key is exclusive to Claire’s). It’s in the Boiler Room, a safe/storage room you enter on your way to the Clock Tower – just past the East Storage Room.

How do you open the second Jewelry Box in Resident Evil?

What do I do with the Scepter?

All you have to do is Examine the scepter and turn it until you find a switch. Press A to trigger it and the red jewel will pop out and replaces the scepter in your inventory . Now that you have that, you’re probably wondering where to use the red gem instead, because that’s exactly how Resident Evil 2 Remake does things.



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