How Do You Make Terraria Less Laggy?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 25, 2022

Start Task Manager. While the game is running, locate the game .exe file and right click to set priority and affinity. This allows your CPU to give the game maximum priority, giving maximum attention to the game even if processes are running in the background.

Why is Terraria so laggy?

Sometimes you may experience lag or FPS drops in Terraria because the game may be too demanding, depending on your current graphics card situation. It is possible that the game is too critical for your current graphics card or the game is not fully compatible with it.

Why do I move slow in Terraria?

Slow is a debuff that halves the player’s horizontal movement speed. There is a chance it will be inflicted by direct contact with Pixie, Wraith, Mummies, or Rusty Armored Bones. The beams fired by Necromancers also have a chance to inflict this debuff.

How do you speed up Terraria PC?

How do you reduce lag in modded Terraria multiplayer?

Final edit: So to fix the problem, all you have to do is delete the config file located in C:\Users\PC_NAME\Documents\My Games\Terraria\ModLoader once you loaded it into the host and have been playing server, don’t change any settings or do anything to make the file appear again, and nice perfect 50-60+ fps with as many mods as you can…

How do I fix Terraria 1.4 lag?

How do I give more RAM to Terraria?

The first step to give Terraria more RAM so you can use all the mods you want in the game is to change your Terraria file to a 64-bit version. There is an easy way to do this and it requires you to do a few installs and a folder to drag into your installed Terraria folder.

Is Terraria hard to play?

Terraria is a game that is easy to learn but hard to master. On the surface it looks like the combat system is pretty straight forward, but that’s until you start upgrading your gear and fighting tougher enemies.

Why is Terraria capped at 30 fps?

Your GPU is slow and your CPU isn’t much better. Your PC can’t run the game at 60 fps most of the time, and with frame skip enabled it drops to 30 fps instead. The alternative is to turn off frame skipping and run the game in slow motion at 40 fps or whatever.

How do you turn on vsync in Terraria?

Terraria doesn’t have an in-game v-sync setting, so you’ll need to do this in your video settings for your GPU. NVIDIA Control Panel>Manage 3D Settings>Vertical Sync set to On. AMD Control Center>Preferences>Advanced View>3D Application Settings>Vertical Refresh Always On.

How can I speed up my Tmodloader?

To change speed, right click in inventory (like opening boss bags). Level shows the maximum speed. Use any clock and some stars to craft.

How do I make Terraria less laggy on Mac?

If you set frame skipping to “subtle” or “on”, the game will skip frames that you don’t need to render, and while offering less FPS, it will help maintain a playable speed to reach.



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