How Do You Load a Swingline Heavy Duty Tacker 800?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 24, 2022

Load the Swingline stapler by removing the spring-loaded push rod on the back of the stapler’s handle. Push the staples into the stapler, and then reattach and latch the push rod. Press the stapler against the surface to be stapled.

How do you load a Swingline heavy duty tacker?

How do you load a Swingline #101 Tacker?

How do you put staples in a Swingline staple gun?

Will Arrow staples work in a Swingline 800 staple gun?

Q: DO THESE FIT THE SWINGLINE HEAVY-DUTY STAPLER GUN? A: No. These staples will stick into wood or other material and won’t bend. Swingline staplers are office equipment.

How do you load staples into a heavy duty staple gun?

The answer is very simple. There is a small spring loaded mount on the back of the tool. You slide it in and down, and out comes the staple chute. You then insert your staple to the end, insert the cover, and reinsert the spring-loaded plate.

How do you refill a heavy duty stapler?

Where does the spring go on a Swingline stapler?

What size staples does a Swingline staple gun use?

Verified Answer Verified Answer – Staff Expert Hi Patrick, The staples that are compatible with the 101 Tacker are: Swingline Light-Duty Tacker Staples, 1/4 inch leg length, 1000/box Swingline Staple Gun Staples, 1,000 Staples/Box, Lightweight, 15/16″ Leg We recommend finding out the specifications of both staple products…

What size staples does a Swingline use?

High quality ¼” staples hold 25 sheets of paper

Swingline has been in the staples industry for a long time and heavy-duty standard ¼” leg length staples are one of the secrets of their success. Standard staples meet most typical fastening needs.

How do you put staples in a staple?

How do you load a 3 way staple gun?

How do you load staples?

Insert the strip of staples, point down, into the staple channel and close the top of the stapler. The magazine will slide back into place and you will hear a soft click. Some of our staplers, such as B. the Zero 01 or our range of high-performance staplers, are front loaders.



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