How Do You Know if Your Chacos Are Too Big?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 16, 2022

How much room should you have in Chacos?

One thing I like to recommend is that you always leave enough room to get your finger under the piece of webbing. This proves that you have a good, secure fit on the platform, but still have enough freedom of movement and comfort.

How loose should Chacos be?

It should be very loose on the foot. If not, pull the fixed strap to loosen it.

How should Chacos look on your feet?

How do you fix Chacos that are too big?

Are Chacos supposed to hurt at first?

The truth is that like any shoe, yes, a pair of Chacos does need to be broken in. When someone buys their first pair, it’s common to hear comments like these: Will these ever be more comfortable? The balls of my feet hurt from this!

Why do my Chacos give me blisters?

Like most shoes, Chaco sandals require a break-in period. In general, blistering on the soles of the feet indicates a longer break-in period. To avoid blisters, we recommend breaking in new sandals slowly over a week or two. A good rule of thumb is to wear new sandals 3 to 4 hours a day.

Are Chacos better with or without the toe strap?

The toe loops are worthwhile, but take a little getting used to! They are definitely more comfortable if you hike/hike a lot in your sandals. On steep inclines I really notice the difference in how much less my foot slides around and how much more secure/stable my stance feels.

Why do my Chacos keep tightening?

Sometimes this problem occurs with toe loops on chacos because the strap is coated with a light wax right out of the box (to make it easier to thread the straps through the body of the sandal during initial adjustment) . . Over time the wax will dissolve and the band will stay in place.

What does the W on the back of Chacos mean?

According to Chaco, W means women; M means gentlemen. A = on the heel means wide width and a . means medium width.

Do Chacos run wide?

Chaco fits the narrow side (unless you buy them wide). It’s best to try someone on or go to a store to make sure before you buy. Or just send them back if they don’t fit. STP is very good about returns. These Chaco media DO NOT run widely.

Should I get medium or wide Chacos?

These medium width shoes are best for people with narrow heels. The classic footbed is also hard/very firm, so if you like cushioning the cloud version would be more appropriate. If you have average or wide feet, the wide fit is definitely best, otherwise blisters are likely.

How can I make my sandals fit tighter?

In most cases, smooth or untreated leather sandals shrink in size by half. To speed up the process, toss the shoes in the dryer after wetting them, or apply heat from a blow dryer. A quick fix for fitting sandals to narrow feet is to use comfort panels to add volume to your foot.

How long do Chaco sandals last?

You see, Chaco sandals have earned a reputation for exceptional durability, and it’s not uncommon for a pair to last 10 years without needing to replace the footbeds or straps. But as any Chaco fan can tell you, all that relentless use over a long period of time can leave a pretty distinct and weird smell.



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