How Do You Insult Someone in German?

FAQs Jackson Bowman September 1, 2022

How do you say F word in German?

Ficken means to f*ck, to fuck with someone = to fuck someone, etc. Germans only use fuck in the sexual sense. Most f-phrases in English are translated with some form of shit or ass.

What is the rudest German word?

What is considered an insult in Germany?

According to the German defamation law, an insult can be considered a criminal offence. Such an insult requires a manifestation of disrespect, disregard, or contempt, which casts contempt on the subject.

How do you make a German mad?

What does schizer mean?

Filters. (informal) Scatological pornography, especially if produced in Germany.

How do you scold in German?

How do you express disgust in German?

Germans have many simple ways of expressing disgust. You can say ugh or ugh, or at least ugh (pronounced “ill-get”) or him. The English equivalents are “pshaw”, “yuck”, “eww” or “ugh”.

Is a thumbs up offensive in Germany?

Body language

Germans can seem reserved and unfriendly until you get to know them better. Never put your hands in your pockets when talking to someone. The “thumbs up” gesture means “one” or is a sign of appreciation or approval.

Can you swear at people in Germany?

Slandering and insulting people is illegal – Living in Germany – Toytown Germany.

Is it illegal to stick up your middle finger in Germany?

Hardly anyone ends up in jail for insulting their neighbors in a heated argument or for pointing the middle finger, as the Germans say, at another driver in heavy traffic. But cases end up in court and sometimes fines are imposed.

How do you abuse in German?

Is scheisse a bad word?

It’s Germany’s universal swear word. Therefore, it can be used for basically anything. “Shit” is always the right answer. BTW: Its actual spelling is ‘Scheiße’, which means it contains that weird letter ‘ß’ that Germans seem to love so much.

What does Shyzer mean in German?

shizer noun. Scatological pornography produced in Germany. Etymology: Modification of shit “shit”.

What does Shiesty mean in slang?

The online slang dictionary has an entry under the alternative spelling shiesty (more on that in a moment). It defines shiesty/sheisty as “sneaky, untrustworthy” and gives two quotes from February and March 1998: I wouldn’t hang out with him, he’s shiesty.



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