How Do You Hit the Flit Switch in Driftwood?

FAQs Jackson Bowman October 10, 2022

You must have completed “An Island Vacation”, “Pest Control” and “Gift Wood for Driftwood”. When that’s done, leave Driftwood for a few days and come back and there should be a wooden plank you can walk up to get there.

How do you hit the melee switch in Driftwood?

Climb the new wooden ramp and hit the switch with a melee weapon. Follow him around the island and zap him with magic when he comes to rest.

How do you beat driftwood in Fable 3?

You must complete the restoration side quest in Millfields to open the bridge to Driftwood. In order for Driftwood to appear on the map, you must first return to Millfields and use the bridge you paid for. It’s at the top of the hill with the Stonehenge-like ruins. Just past the bridge is a path to Driftwood.

How do you get the silver key in Driftwood?

Where are the gnomes in Driftwood?

What weapon does the demon door want?

This demon door is located next to the small village in Mourningwood. It requires the player to have their melee or ranged combat skill at level 5. Note that contrary to popular belief, this door does not require a fully upgraded legendary weapon. The realm behind the door is called Planet One.

Where is the third piece of driftwood?

Speak to Kijimuna in the home and select “Sure!” in dialogue. Go to the locations circled in red in the image below and interact with the driftwood. The third piece of wood can only be accessed after completing the Race Tie Breaker quest.

Does Fable 3 DLC?

Cuphead DLC – The Loop

Fable III Downloadable Content (aka Fable III DLC) is additional content released by Lionhead Studios for Fable III via Xbox Live and previously Games for Windows Live .

Where are the rare books in Fable 3?

What is behind the golden doors in Fable 3?

In the ossuary, as soon as you enter, turn left to find the gold door. Behind it is a sarcophagus that you can open for a legendary weapon.

What’s the best weapon in Fable 3?

Where is the gnome in dweller camp?

Resident Camp (1/1)

If you run down the hill from Sabine’s Gate and turn left at a fireplace, you will find a small path that leads to a chest with 5 Silver Keys. From here, look up into the hills to spot the gnome perched on a fence.

How do you get hobnobbing with Hobbes quest?

Walkthrough. Speak to Author Dans Mourir in Millfields to receive this quest, then simply take his hand and lead him to the cave. Along the way he talks about how he thinks Hobbes can be reasoned with and possibly live in human cities and houses.

Are gnomes evil?

Gnomes are generally considered harmless but mischievous and can bite with sharp teeth.

How do you open the Demon door in millfields?

How do you open the Demon door in Mistpeak Valley?

This Demon Door requires you to go through all sorts of good phrases with your co-op partner. Perform these actions in front of the door by holding A until the controller vibrates. Continue going through all the good phrases (this process may take a few tries, and soon enough, the door opens.

Does your child grow up in Fable 3?

They will become more and more like you in personality and orientation. Children go through two stages: baby and child. Babies remain in their cribs and do not move while the child has the traits of one of the NPC children. Before traveling to the Tattered Spire, they will not age baby status until you come back.

How much money do you need to keep all your promises Fable 3?

The game may tell you that you have 121 days, but this is technically your LAST DAY before darkness invades, so MAKE SURE YOU HAVE 6,500,000 GOLD IN YOUR TREASURY , if you complete today’s tasks. In fact, you probably want to make sure you have your finances in order before you even begin the day’s events.

Can you put your kid up for adoption in Fable 3?

The player can adopt a baby or child from the orphanage for the price of 500 gold. After adoption, you can choose where your new child will live and they will be there when you visit that home. Jasper will congratulate the player and promise that the child will bring them infinite joy.

What does dont trust the bird mean on Champion Island?

If Lucky collects 23 of the 24 trophies, selecting the podium without a trophy will display the “Don’t trust the bird” message, which will activate the final side quest.



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