How Do You Get to the Scarecrow in Lego Batman?

FAQs Jackson Bowman August 13, 2022

Is Scarecrow in LEGO Batman?

Lego Batman 2: DC Superheroes

In Lego Batman 2 Scarecrow is an antagonistic level 4 boss fight near the end of the mission Scarecrow will use his fear gas to grow big in a monster like Scarecrow, which makes him invincible for a while.

What can scarecrow do Batman 2?

How do you unlock all the characters in LEGO Batman 1?

Enter these codes in the main menu. If you entered them correctly, you should hear a confirmation tone. X, Up, B, Down, Y, Left, Home, Right, R(2), L, R(2), Down(2), Up, Y(3), Home, Select – Unlock all characters.

How do you beat the Scarecrow in flight of the bat?

You need a toxin immunized ship to get past, then shoot the structures behind. Scarecrow will chase the Batwing like a fat kid trying to get a Twinkie. What you then need to do is take some rockets out of the dispenser and stop in one place.

Is Lego 76239 retired?

The set is expected to be phased out in mid to late 2022. After retirement, the expected annual growth is almost 4% after the second year, which will put the device in the range of $46-$50 shortly after retirement.

How do you beat the Scarecrow level in LEGO Batman?

How do you beat the Killer Moth in LEGO Batman?

The primary goal of the Killer Moth fight, aside from bringing this moth down, is to power the giant lightbulb at the back of the room. After hitting Killer Moth a few times, he lifts into the air and flaps around a bit. Ignore him and blast the left gate out of the way.

What do red bricks do in LEGO Batman 2?

There are 20 red bricks to find in LEGO Batman 2, and their effects range from adding glasses and mustaches to all characters to multiplying the value of any studs you collect. Any Red Brick cheats you unlock can be toggled by going to the Extras menu.

What’s the code in LEGO Batman?

Toy Set Code Unlockables

Enter them in the cheat menu to unlock the desired character: BDJ327 – Bruce Wayne – (Batman Batarang Toy) DDP967 – Commissioner Gordon – (Joker Helicopter Toy) XWP645 – More Batarang Targets – (Batboat Toy) MVY759 – Nightwing – (Robin Grappling Hook Toy)

How do you unlock Nightwing in LEGO Batman?

In LEGO DC Super-Villains

In DC Super-Villains, Nightwing is a boss who fights alongside Batgirl in Mission 2, It’s Good to Be Evil in the Iceberg Lounge fights the player. After completing the level, he is unlocked for use in the overworld and in free play mode.

How do you unlock all villains in Lego Batman?

To get the villain achievement, you must complete all five levels of the first villain story, Riddler’s Revenge based on Riddler, Two-Face, Poison Ivy, Mr. Freeze, and Clayface follows. To unlock Riddler’s Revenge Villain Story, you must first have completed the Hero Story.

How do you do a backflip with Robin in LEGO Batman?

Perform 20 back flips in a row with Robin. Hold the left stick and press to backflip. Just keep tapping the button to scroll a total of 20 times in a row. You can just back up against a wall or walk down a long path, either way.



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