How Do You Get to Remiem Temple?

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The Remiem Temple is located in the southeast of the Silent Lands. To find her, the player must follow the steep cliff south on a chocobo to find a yellow chocobo feather. The feather can be used to fall down and continue east to find the once-secret location.

How do I get into Remiem Temple?

To get to Remiem Temple, you must have completed the Wobbly Chocobo Training Course. This allows you to ride chocobos in the Tranquil Lands, so grab one from the trainer and head back to the entrance.

How do you win the chocobo race in Remiem Temple?

Winning the race is particularly easy. Avoid poles and open chests to get benefits. If you win the race you will get the Cloudy Mirror necessary to get the Heavenly Weapons.

What do you get for beating Belgemine?

The Moon Seal is obtained by defeating all of Belgemine’s Aeons; including Anima, Yojimbo, and the Magus Sisters, and then send Belgemine.

Where is Belgemine in the Calm Lands?

On the lower level of the Restlands, in the southeast corner, there are two chests with 5000 gil and 10000 gil. Go ahead and towards the fenced area with a hut. Along the way at the random rocks on the left you’ll find Belgemine after a long absence.

How much HP do dark aeons have?

Each Dark Aeon boasts very high HP, with Dark Anima topping the scale at eight million.

How much HP does bahamut have FFX?

How do I get 0.0 in chocobo race?

How do you make Sun sigils easy?

The Seal of the Sun can be obtained by perfect time racing against the chocobo trainer.

How do you make a flower scepter?

The Flower Scepter can be obtained by defeating Belgemines Bahamut in Remiem Temple.

Why do dark aeons exist?

When it comes to the Dark Aeons, the reason for their existence is pretty clear to avenge Yuna and her guardians for destroying Yunalesca, and as far as the faithful knew, all hope to ever be set free from sin.

How much money do you need to get Yojimbo?

In order to get Yojimbo at the cheapest price, the player should select the third option “To defeat the most powerful of enemies”. He will ask for 250,000 gil but the player should offer 125,001 (50% of his offer) gil. Yojimbo counters with 225,000 gil and the player should offer 157,501 (70% of his offer) gil.

What element is Valefor?

These are traits that a summoner must achieve in order to successfully defeat Sin. The Buddhist concept of nothingness can also be associated with the element of air. Valefor is a flying aeon whose main attack is non-elemental and delays the opponent’s turn, traits that also fit the theme.

What Aeon is good against Shiva?

Yuna is given the opportunity to fight Shiva in an aeon battle with Belgemine in the Calm Lands. The player must defeat Shiva and all the Aeons of Belgemine to obtain the Soul of the Aeons item, which allows the Aeons to evolve.

How do you ride Chocobos in the Calm Lands?

On the Tranquil Lands, the player can play a racing mini-game required to obtain the item to upgrade Tidus’ celestial weapon, the Caladbolg. Completing all chocobo training to ride a chocobo in the Calm Lands will earn you the Chocobo License Trophy/Achievement in Final Fantasy X HD Remaster.

What do I do with the rusty sword FFX?

Bring the Rusty Sword to Mushroom Rock Road. Note that you cannot select “Mushroom Rock Road” from the airship menu, as this will take you to the secret area where Godhand is or was, and you cannot get to the statue of Lord Mi’ihen by walking from enter from the Mi’ihen Highroad.

Can you bribe Dark Aeons?

Most Dark Aeons overdrives kill the entire party (especially Yojimbo). So when his overdrive kicks in next turn, summon Yuna to sacrifice one of your Aeons for you. It’s for a good cause. Price yourself if you want to go the easy way.

How much should I pay Yojimbo for Zanmato?

Yojimbo will use Zanmato when nodding after receiving his payment. There are several factors that decide the attack Yojimbo will perform: The basic motivation (BM) depending on how much he was paid. The lowest base motivation is 0 when earning 1-3 gil, and the highest is 112 when earning at least 536,870,912 gil.

How does Yojimbo use Zanmato?

This means that Yojimbo could cast Zanmato for free against weak enemies with about a 1/8 chance. When a free attack has been made, Yojimbo’s turn ends and the next begins. Depending on the attack, compatibility may be affected. If no Free Attack has been performed, the player will be asked to pay.

Is Bahamut the final Aeon?

Bahamut, the Dragon King is a Summon in Final Fantasy X. It is the fifth and final Aeon that can be acquired through the story. Given to Yuna by Fayth of Bevelle, Bahamut is the strongest summon in the storyline with the ability to break the damage cap from the start.



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