How Do You Get to Caustic Caverns?

FAQs Jackson Bowman July 29, 2022

Go to the left corner where the signage is pointing up, just go straight. Once you reach an elevator, there is a red valve switch. Simply jump underground from this elevator floor and you will find an entrance that will lead you to the Caustic Caverns.

How do you get to the center of Caustic Caverns?

How do you open the door in Caustic Caverns?

You must accept a quest The Lost Treasure from Sawtooth Cauldron and you will come to this door during this quest. And then when you’re in the Infested Warehouse, go down to the lower level and you’ll find a door that opens. Open it, follow the corridor and open the door in question.

Is there a Minecraft easter egg in Borderlands 2?

Where is the Minecraft secret in Borderlands 2?

The hidden area is in the Caustic Caverns found “later in Borderlands 2”. Follow the train tracks, turn right at the big door and hop up the cliff until you reach the Minecraft cave.

Where in Caustic Caverns is Minecraft?

To access the area, head to the Caustic Caverns after completing Chapter 9. You need to go to the Northwest corner of the map called “Guardian Ruins. You will see 2 lanes with mine carts on them. Go to the end of the path on the right and jump onto the ledge.

Where is the acid soaked railway?

The switch below the acid-soaked railroad is on the center support pole that holds remnants of the old rail above the caustic lake. The switch in the infested warehouse is on a wall outside the facility on the banks of the acid lake, across from a broken concrete slab with a green weapons chest.

How do you start a mischief Minecart?

Are there Spiderants in Caustic Caverns?

There are arachnids in the caustic caves – somewhere at the end of the area.

How do I get to Varkid ramparts?

The Varkid Ramparts are accessed via an elevator platform between Nether Hive and Rumbling Shore, and the elevator cannot be activated until The Lost Treasure has started.

Where is the double rainbow in Borderlands 2?

“Double Rainbow”

On an isolated cliff in the Highlands by Hyperion Bridge there is a small campsite with one tent. Reaching this area will spawn the Double Rainbow Easter Egg, granting the player the question “What does that mean?”. Perfomance. A video of the egg can be seen here.

Where are the creepers in Caustic Caverns?

Background. Several Creepers can be found in a mine shaft in the northwest section of Caustic Caverns, beyond a mine cart bridge. The entrance is marked with large square boulders and covered with breakable blocks that strongly resemble Minecraft dirt and smooth stone.

How do you get the blockhead in Borderlands 2?

What does the edge of a Minecraft world look like?

The edges of the world are made of invisible bedrock. This extends over up to 128 blocks and can be walked on forever. Added infinite world generation that breaks the limit for worlds of this type. Nether portals can no longer be generated or place the player further than X/Z: ±31,999,872.

How do you activate the elevator in Caustic Caverns?

There is a quest to collect map pieces, once you have all 4 you will be directed to Caustic Caverns to complete the puzzle that activates the elevator. You must get a mission from Sawtooth Cauldron when you enter Sawtooth, turn right and go down as fast as possible, go up to the small camp, get mission from the box, have fun.

What are all the Easter eggs in Minecraft?



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